At Casvi International American School, students, teachers and non-teaching staff come from all over the world. We are an international school where respect, diversity and inclusion are key. This community not only enriches our classrooms but also contributes to the formation of global citizens with an open and understanding perspective.



International School

Alumnas de diferentes nacionalidades distintas juntas en el colegio internacional Casvi Tres Cantos

International school in Tres Cantos

Our international school is a reflection of the global society in which we live. Here, students have the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds, allowing them to learn about different cultures, traditions and perspectives. This provides them with a more complete education and prepares them to face the challenges and opportunities that the globalised world has in store for them.

Our school brings together students, teachers and non-teaching staff from all over the world. We currently have more than 30 different nationalities, which creates an atmosphere of internationality and multiculturalism that benefits the entire educational community.

As the language of instruction is in English, new students from countries as different as Turkey or Brazil have no problems adapting to the classes or making friends. In addition, in order to make their arrival in Spain easier, Spanish classes are offered for foreign students who need them.

We work to create an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in school life, regardless of their differences.

Origen alumnos colegio privado Tres Cantos
César. Alumno internacional en Casvi International American School


"I have been living in the Casvi International American School Residence for two years, when I arrived in Spain from China. Everything is very different from my country, but I like it very much. The teachers are very good and kind to us and my favourite class is maths. I have friends from China and from different parts of the world".

Testimonio de Emma, alumna internacional de Casvi International American School


"I was born and raised in Oxford. I have been living in Spain for two years, but I am new to this school which is very different from the one in England. The exams are more difficult, but the teachers are very good and help me. I have made a lot of friends since I arrived and I like this school a lot, more than the other one because it is much bigger and more fun.


"I am from Colombia and I moved to Spain two years ago because of my parents' job. This is my second year at this school which I love. The classes are very fun because we do a lot of projects. The classes are very practical.

Accommodation for foreign students: Boarding School

Our Boarding School or Student Residence is at your disposal for foreign or national students who need it.

The Casvi International American School campus has two student residences, one for girls and one for boys. Here, the resident pupils enjoy a full boarding regime that covers all their basic needs and are supervised by educators who live alongside them. In addition, life at the Casvi International American School Residence offers a wide variety of fun and interesting social and cultural activities, especially at weekends, such as visits to museums, hiking trails or going to the cinema or bowling alley.

Niños jugando a un juego de mesa en el salón de una residencia de estudiantes. Internacionalidad. Residencia en Casvi International American School. Internados en España

Pen-Pal Program

As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive education and a global perspective, we organised a Pen-Pal program in collaboration with Avondale GATE Magnet School in Michigan, USA.

This programme, in which our Middle School students exchange correspondence with other students from the United States, offers a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved in the intercultural community and make connections with peers from all over the world.

As an International Baccalaureate school, we believe in the value of such initiatives to emphasise international thinking and open-mindedness. It is an enriching and rewarding experience for students and an opportunity for personal and educational growth.

Alumna leyendo la carta por correspondencia de su amigo de Estados Unidos

Language examinations

As an international educational centre, we encourage our students to take official examinations to recognise their language level. From the age of four, they can sit for the GESE1 and GESE2 exams from the Trinity, which they can take at our center, but we also encourage them to take the external exams of the University of Cambridge, the Goethe Institute and Chinese at the Confucius Institute (YCT).

We consider officially and internationally recognised language tests to be of great value, as they accredit the specific skills acquired by our students. In addition, their results are useful for the school, as an external reference, focusing the results on the constant improvement of our teaching.

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