Casvi International American School has a Boarding School in Tres Cantos, on the school campus. National and international students from different parts of the world live together in our Boarding School.

Boarding School in Tres Cantos

Niños jugando a un juego de mesa en el salón de una residencia de estudiantes. Internacionalidad. Residencia en Casvi International American School. Internados en España

Students from different parts of Spain and international students live together in our Boarding School in Tres Cantos, living a unique experience.

The Boarding School has two different residences on our campus: one for girls and the other for boys. Thanks to our spacious facilities, our students live together, explore their interests, and develop their talents in a familiar and trusting environment. In addition, with students from different parts of the world, residents experience a true English immersion, making lifelong friendships.

Among the advantages offered by our Boarding School, the teaching of student autonomy stands out. Students learn to organize themselves, gain more autonomy and personal development and our educators help them to improve their school performance.

Activities at the Boarding School

There are many activities that our Boarding School can do on campus, thanks to our extensive facilities.

During the week, life at the campus is more about keeping up with studies and extracurricular activities, but on weekends, our campus is full of fun.

Hiking trails, field trips to Madrid, basketball, soccer or volleyball games, movie marathons with popcorn, visits to the cinema, bowling, and much more.

Our educators are not only there to help students in their studies, but also to make them feel like they are part of a big family and to support them in whatever they need.

Actividades de fin de semana en la residencia de Casvi Tres Cantos

Full board

Everything is included in the Boarding School so that students will not lack anything. Resident students are provided with everything (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner), laundry and cleaning services, and a 24-hour medical service.

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