Casvi International American School is a private school in Tres Cantos (Madrid), based on the American system of education. Its cornerstone is the implementation of the three International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula at all levels of education: PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme). It is the only private school in Tres Cantos that offers this type of education and one of the few in Spain.


Casvi International American School: Private school in Tres Cantos

The Casvi educational group was founded in 1985, with Eurocolegio Casvi in Villaviciosa de Odón. Don Juan Yagüe Sevillano, after more than 20 years dedicated to teaching, decided to put all his experience at the head of the centre.

In 2005, Casvi School in Boadilla del Monte was created as a charter school and in 2017, Casvi International American School was born. A private school in Tres Cantos, based on the American System of Education and offering the three International Baccalaureate programmes: PYP, MYP and DP.

Throughout its more than 35 years of teaching, Casvi’s mission has always been to educate and train global citizens through international mindedness, language acquisition and talent development. To this end, it has the necessary technological tools for an education adapted to the current global situation.

We form citizens of the world. Young people capable of making a positive impact on the society of the future.



We educate with heart, inspire leaders and transform the world.


The vision of Casvi International American School as a private school in Tres Cantos is to be a reference for international, innovative, and quality education. Through this teaching method, students achieve the highest levels of excellence in their academic training.

We develop critical thinking, language acquisition, the promotion of sport, creativity and artistic spirit among other skills.

Alumnos del colegio internacional americano Casvi International American School


Our mission is to help our students grow personally and intellectually to achieve a real advantage in college, in the working world, or any real-life situation. All this, through the discovery and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment to our society.

We educate and train global citizens through international mindedness, language acquisition and talent development. In addition, we are constantly adapting to the needs of society to prepare our students for real life and an excellent future.

Alumnos graduados en colegio internacional americano Casvi International American School. Colegio Bachillerato Internacional

At our private school in Tres Cantos, we offer quality, innovative and quality education.


Alumnos infantil en colegio internacional americano Casvi International American School. Colegio privado internacional


Our school is proud to have an exceptional management team, led by our CEO, Juan Luis Yagüe and Principal, Virginia Caballero. Under their leadership, our educational institution has reached new horizons in education, guiding our community towards academic excellence and personal growth.

Casvi International American School - School at Tres Cantos

Members of the Management Team

Juan Luis Yagüe

CEO of Grupo Educativo Casvi

Virginia Caballero

Head of Casvi International American School

Nicole Batalla

Pre-School and Kindergarten Coordinator

Ryan Posey

PYP Coordinator

laura McCutcheon

MYP Coordinator

ana Isabel domínguez

PD Coordinator

Juan Uribarri

Human Resources Director

Óscar Gutiérrez

Marketing, Communications and Admissions Director


Profesores colegio internacional americano Casvi International American School

Our teaching staff is the beating heart of our educational community. Each member of our group of educators brings skills and passions that enrich our students’ learning.

Committed to academic excellence, our teachers not only transmit knowledge, but also encourage curiosity, critical thinking and personal growth in every classroom. His dedication goes beyond the classroom. They actively participate in creating an inclusive and enriching learning environment, preparing students for a future full of possibilities.

We have teachers from all over the world, but most of them come from the United States. As an American school, most of our teaching staff are native English speakers, as the school’s language of instruction is English.

Main characteristics of our teaching team at Casvi
Tres Cantos School


International teachers

Most of our teachers are native English speakers from around the world. However, being an American school, most of our professionals are American.


Continuous training

Our teachers receive continuous training to keep them up to date, especially in IB methodology.


Love for teaching

For us, it is essential that our teachers love their profession and teach students from their hearts.


Casvi International American School has established itself as one of the best international schools, thanks to its rigorous educational methodology, its commitment to the integral education of its students and the excellent academic results of its pupils.



Casvi International American School, a private school in Tres Cantos, has been included in the Forbes List of the 100 Best Schools in Spain. Ranking prepared by experts educators, psychologists and educational professionals, selected by this prestigious magazine.


Recognised by the platform “” as one of the best schools in Spain and Madrid.


We are proud of the academic results of our private school in Tres Cantos. Both in the EvAU and in the IB exams, our students stand out for their good results. In addition, we hold external examinations during the school year, which test our students’ language skills. We encourage you to take exams in various languages: Cambridge, Trinity, Goethe and Confucius.

After graduating in their final stage, our students can access international universities anywhere in the world, thanks to the International Baccalaureate.


Origen alumnos colegio privado Tres Cantos


At Casvi International American School, we are aware of the importance of social responsibility. As a private school in Tres Cantos, we have a duty to help society in some way and to be an example of solidarity for our students. For this reason, social commitment and values education must be at the heart of our mission.

In Casvi, we have collaborated with different NGOs from the beginning, but it was in 2006 when the foundations were laid for the birth of the Casvi Foundation. The aim is to involve our entire educational community to carry out works for the common good, aimed at benefiting the poorest sectors of society at a national and international level.

In his first project, he travelled to Piura (Peru), to one of the most needy neighbourhoods in the city for the construction of a three-storey building. Today, the building houses an Occupational Training Centre offering specialities such as hotel management, painting, ceramics, dressmaking, hairdressing, embroidery and IT. It also has a canteen where 140 people without resources are fed every day.

Fundación Piura del colegio privado Tres Cantos Casvi International American School


In addition to collaborating with the Casvi Foundation in Piura, we also collaborate throughout the year with other associations such as Cáritas or Banco de Alimentos. Thanks to these collaborations, we are able to train our students in values as important as solidarity.

Our own students are also free to propose charitable or solidarity actions throughout the course, such as charity runs for the benefit of foundations. We are proud that our students and their families have the initiative to participate in solidarity campaigns such as the Back to School campaign of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation or the #PañueloChallenge of the Aladina Foundation.

Donaciones en el colegio privado Tres Cantos Casvi International American School
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