Benefits of reading books every day

Benefits of reading books every day. International World Book Day at Casvi International American School

Reading books every day can have many benefits for our minds, our emotional well-being, and our overall quality of life, especially for children. We tell you the benefits of reading books every day.

Benefits of reading books. International Book Day at Casvi International American School

5 benefits of reading books every day

These are the benefits of reading books every day:

  1. Improved concentration and attention capacity: Reading books can help us focus and maintain our attention on a task for longer periods of time, which can improve our productivity and our ability to complete important tasks.
  2. Brain stimulation: Reading books challenges our brains and keeps them active, which can help prevent age-related cognitive decline and improve our critical thinking skills.
  3. Stress reduction: Reading books can help us reduce stress and anxiety, allowing us to temporarily escape from our daily worries and immerse ourselves in a story or an imaginary world.
  4. Broadening knowledge and perspective: Reading can help us expand our knowledge of a wide range of topics and cultures, which can improve our understanding of the world and our relationships with others.
  5. Improved empathy: Reading books can help us develop empathy and understanding of others by allowing us to put ourselves in the shoes of characters different from ourselves and experience different perspectives.

Benefits of reading books for children

Reading already has numerous benefits for adults, but for children, the benefits of reading books are even greater. That is why it is so important to encourage reading in children.

Daily reading helps children develop language, communication, and vocabulary skills. It allows them to communicate better with others and improve their writing skills. It also fosters their imagination and creativity by introducing them to imaginary worlds and characters, allowing them to create their own mental images.

Their social and emotional skills can also be developed through reading books every day. A study published by David Kidd and Emanuele Castano states that reading narrative fiction makes people develop greater empathy, social perception as well as emotional intelligence. This is because thanks to literature, we can let our imagination run wild and put ourselves in the place of different characters.

In general, daily reading is a very important activity for children, as it can help them develop a wide variety of skills and benefits that in turn, can lead them to succeed in life. It is important to encourage a love of reading at home as well.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

Joseph AddisonWriter and politician
Benefits of reading book. International World Book Day at Casvi International American School

Benefits of reading books with children

Not only is it important for children to read, but it is also important to read with them (especially if they are little).

Keep in mind that children learn by example. If they watch their parents read, they will want to do the same. Why not read together?

Reading as a family strengthens the relationship between adults and children. It is an activity that allows you to spend quality time together, and it can be a time when the child feels safe and connected to the adult.

Here is a list of books to read with children that you may find useful. Classic children’s stories that your children will love if they don’t already know them, such as Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol or the Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

“Learning to read is like lighting a fire, each syllable that is spelled is a spark”

Victor HugoPoet, playwright and novelist

The importance of reading at Casvi International American School

Reading is a fundamental activity in any school, and Casvi International American School is no exception. Reading is a central activity in students’ education and is promoted through reading programs, well-equipped libraries, and classroom book discussion activities.

The school also fosters a love of reading through the Book Fair and other types of literary events, which helps students appreciate and enjoy reading as a fun and rewarding activity.

Several times a year, book fairs are held at the school so that students and their families have the opportunity to purchase books in English at the school itself. At the last fair, the Espabooks publishing house was invited and all students were encouraged to purchase new books to improve their reading skills or simply to discover new stories.

Book Day is also celebrated with a wide range of activities. One of the most famous traditions of the center is to bring together students from different grades (younger and older) so that the older ones read stories to the younger ones. The families of the younger ones are also invited to read to the children, different books or stories in different languages.

For this special day, the infant and primary students decorate the doors of the classrooms for Book Day, read aloud, discuss different books and practice writing and storytelling skills.

Benefits of reading every day. International World Book Day at Casvi International American School.

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