What to study at the university? Guidance for future university students

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The process of choosing what to study in college is one of the most important decisions in a student’s life. The range of options can be overwhelming, but with proper guidance, an informed and satisfying decision can be made. We explore expert advice and key considerations in choosing a college degree.

What to study at the University?

Experts agree that making such an important decision at the age of seventeen or eighteen can be very complicated. Here are some tips to make this difficult task easier.

1. Self-Evaluation

2. Search for information

3. Employment research

Before exploring academic options, it is crucial to conduct a self-assessment. We must take into account our skills, interests, and long-term goals.

In which subjects do we excel? What activities are we passionate about? These aspects can be valuable clues when identifying possible careers and knowing what to study in college.

Knowing labor market trends and industry demands is also very important. Experts advise consulting reliable sources such as the National Statistics Institute (INE) or even asking professionals in the field of interest. It is important to choose a career that matches your interests and tastes, but also has good job prospects.

It is highly recommended to talk to teachers, academic advisors, and professionals in the area you are interested in. Their experiences and knowledge can provide valuable insights into the expectations of the field and the most appropriate university programs. Do not hesitate to ask questions to gather as much information as possible to help you choose what to study at the University.

Studying in Spain or abroad?

Studying in Spain

Studying abroad

Spain offers a wide range of world-renowned universities. In addition, many degree programs are available in Spanish and English and tuition rates tend to be lower compared to other regions or countries.

One of the main advantages of studying close to home is to stay in a more comfortable and familiar environment for the student. The language and culture are familiar, which facilitates adaptation and having family and friends nearby reassures the student.

On the other hand, according to a study by Inserción Laboral de Graduados, studying in Spanish universities allows establishing local connections that can be beneficial when entering the employment market.

Choosing to study abroad can enrich your academic and personal experience. Exposure to new cultures and perspectives are very positive values during this stage.

Experts recommend researching very well about foreign universities and international scholarships, but also about the possibility of exchange programs that can also be an option.

Another advantage of studying abroad is that it facilitates the creation of a global network, which can be beneficial in the globalized world in which we live. In addition, adaptability and resilience develop when facing challenges in a culturally diverse environment.

Guidance Counselor at Casvi International American School

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At Casvi International American School, we understand the importance of guiding our students in their career choices. We have experts in career counseling and organize university fairs to provide direct information on different academic disciplines. Our work includes:

  • Individual counseling sessions: We provide personalized counseling to help students identify their strengths and goals. For example, in Grade 10, Grade 12 and DP2, students take a computer-based test that shows them personally recommended future careers based on their personality, interests and strengths.
  • Exploration workshops: For the youngest students, we show them the wide range of professions available so that they can explore their interests. For older students, we organize talks, workshops and excursions for students to explore different fields and gain a clearer vision of their interests.
  • University guidance: We guide our students about different universities and general guidance in the application process, including possible essay writing.

From our Guidance Department, Marina Mollá, counselor of Grupo Educativo Casvi, explains the importance of vocational guidance: “We have to make a major life decision at an age when we are not yet mature enough, nor do we know the labor market or have enough work experience to have all the information. Therefore, from the school, we work in three steps: Fostering their self-knowledge (knowing themselves), offering them information about the working and academic world, and finally, supporting them in making decisions.”

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