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We have a Guidance Department to advise our students and help them get a head start at university and in their future. We nurture their talents and help them develop their skills. Thanks to this school guidance at Casvi Tres Cantos, students have the tools they need to succeed.


Our School Guidance Department at Casvi Tres Cantos is made up of a group of professionals who work to help students in different academic aspects. Its main objective is to advise teachers and families at a pedagogical level. We try to figure out the needs of our students to adjust the most appropriate educational response.

School guidance:

Improvement of study habits

Organization of Vocational Guidance Days and University Fairs

Asesoría escolar en Casvi Tres Cantos

School counseling for parents, teachers and students

Academic and emotional counseling in their schooling facet


There are several resources that we use to achieve the best academic results

Actuaciones psicopedagógicas del departamento de Orientación en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi
Departamento de Orientación Casvi Tres Cantos. Psicóloga con dos alumnas

Support in the teaching and learning process

We attend to the needs of our students and monitor their learning.

Addressing specific needs

We carry out early detection of students in the different areas and stages of development.

Attention to foreign students

Plan and organize the specific attention of foreign students with no knowledge of Spanish or with curricular differences.

Psycho-pedagogical evaluation

We offer recommendations to parents and teachers for dealing with learning difficulties.

High detection

We detect high abilities and advise teachers on how to plan their teaching.

Counseling and equality

We guarantee equal opportunities for students in the educational system.

Integration, equality and inclusion

We facilitate the social and educational integration of all our students.


We promote enriching aspects such as diversity.


We attend and advise teachers, students and their families.


We evaluate the skills that condition students' fundamental learning in order to establish possible reinforcements in the classroom.


We assess the socio-emotional competencies of the students through this platform and a socio-emociogram.


Another part of school guidance in Tres Cantos is vocational guidance. We help our students to be able to make their own decisions about their future based on their skills and abilities. The aim is for them to reflect on their professional vocation and their own learning. In this way, they will be able to choose the most suitable university or professional option for them.

Vocational Guidance contributes to facilitating the decision-making process of each student about their academic and professional itinerary. In this way, the Guidance Department carries out the following actions:

Educational activities

Activities for students to know and value their own abilities, motivations and interests. By knowing themselves, they will be able to make decisions about their professional future.

Information sessions

We conduct information sessions for families and students. We explain to them different educational and employment options, facilitating their contact. In addition, we organize university fairs and international counselors so that students are informed of their options.

Interviews and meetings

We organize individual interviews with students to discuss their educational questions and interests. We also inform families about the different curricular options.

"Training in the present for jobs of the future."

We work with this program from Grade 10 onwards. We propose to students, in a specialised way, five possible future professions that fit their profile. At the same time, we advise them on the academic training necessary to achieve them.

If you would like to find out more about school guidance at Casvi Tres Cantos, please contact our Admissions Department.

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