Thanks to the technology at Casvi International American School, we can apply the STEAM approach which brings together science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, we promote the technological competence of our students from the earliest years.


Makerspace. Tecnología en Casvi

Technology at Casvi International American School

Our students develop the STEAM approach in Makerspace by facing new challenges. It is a classroom where students share resources and knowledge to create different projects. An active and practical methodology is applied, developing the concept of Learning by Doing. Students learn by doing.

Technology at Casvi is found in all areas of learning.

Technology plays an integral role in helping students learn. This involves studying technology as a discipline. In some cases, students use the technology in robotics, design classes or application development. At other times, they use technology to complete a classroom activity.


Technology at Casvi International American School is in different spaces. We have computer labs and computers in various classrooms such as the library or in the Makerspace. In addition, all our classrooms have digital whiteboards and Ipads available for students in classes that need them as inquiry tools.

Students in the Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Diplomme Programme all use technology as a tool when working on their units of inquiry.

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