Among the services offered by Casvi Tres Cantos are school routes, extended childcare hours after school, dining service, and a boarding school. All of this, to facilitate the reconciliation of families and access to our school.






Autobuses escolares que realizan rutas escolares, como servicio de Casvi Tres Cantos

Services of Casvi Tres Cantos

Currently, we offer 12 different school routes to make it easier for students to get to our school and come back to their homes after class.

This is an optional service for families and students who need it. When the number of vacancies allows it, this service can also be contracted on a monthly or daily basis.

There is no age limit to make use of this service, since the seats are adapted to the height of the youngest passengers. In addition, the drivers themselves accompany them to class.


Our school menu is based on the Mediterranean diet and designed by expert nutritionists. The great advantage we offer is that the food is prepared the same day in the school kitchen.

In addition to the daily menu, different alternative menus are prepared for those students who follow a specific diet such as vegetarian, vegan or pork-free. As an international school with students of different nationalities, religions and cultures, it is essential to adapt the menu to their needs. In addition, as an awareness-raising measure, once a month Vegan Day is celebrated in which all menus are vegan.

We also pay special attention to students’ food allergies.

We have different rates for the dining room service, depending on whether it is contracted on a daily or monthly basis. We adapt to the needs of families and students so that they can choose the service that best suits them.

On special days such as Gluten Free Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year or during Language Week, students eat special menus according to the theme.

At recess time, we also offer a snack that usually consists of a piece of fruit or a sandwich.


As a family balance measure, those who need it can take advantage of the free extended-hours service, both in the mornings and afternoons.

In the morning, students can arrive from 7:30 am, including breakfast until 8:00 am. In the afternoon, the schedule is extended from 16:45h to 18:00h. During these periods, they are supervised by our educators.


Niños jugando a un juego de mesa en el salón de una residencia de estudiantes. Internacionalidad. Residencia en Casvi International American School. Internados en España

Our student residence or boarding school is one of the services at Casvi Tres Cantos that most differentiates us from other educational centers. For those students who need it, they can stay in our residence which is on the school campus.

Both national students from different parts of Spain and international students from all over the world enjoy the advantages of living and studying with no commuting and with everything included.

In our spacious facilities, residents live together, explore their interests and develop their talents in a family atmosphere and in a linguistic immersion in English.

One big family

One of the goals of our Boarding School is that our resident students feel at home, being part of a big family. In addition, living with other students allows them to improve their academic performance and personal development.

We have two student residences: one for girls and other for boys


Resident students are provided with everything (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) and a 24-hour medical service.

They can spend weekends with their families or stay at the residence and engage in special activities such as field trips, movie marathons, trips to the cinema, or visits to the capital.


A group of educators are in charge of supervising and living with the residents on a daily basis. They are not just private tutors who help them with their homework and studies. In addition to helping them with their homework, they share moments of leisure and socializing with them during their free time.

Educators and students form a big family that coexists day by day in an international but close environment.


Actividades de fin de semana en la residencia de Casvi Tres Cantos

Every day is different at the Casvi International American School Boarding School. During the week, students are more focused on keeping up with their homework and studying and attending extracurricular activities. However, on weekends, they have more time for fun and interesting activities of different kinds:


Playing soccer, playing tennis, basketball or volleyball, going for a run with the educators... There is a wide range of sports activities available in our extensive facilities.

Playful activities

Movie marathons, field trips to museums, cinemas, parks, hiking in the mountains... Fun is guaranteed in our Boarding School.


Every day, the educators help the resident students in the academic field. They solve their doubts and help them to study and keep up with their homework.

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