To encourage school spirit and the development of our students' skills, we have a wide variety of activities at Casvi Tres Cantos. In addition, as an American school, American traditions and important celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas can't be missed.






Activities Casvi Tres Cantos

Every year, we offer different types of extracurricular activities at Casvi Tres Cantos to complement the education of our students. One of our objectives is to offer a comprehensive education to our students, so we always try to offer options for all ages and even for adults, maintaining our standard of quality and with reliable teachers.

Piano, guitar, tennis, paddle tennis or dance lessons are some of the extracurricular activities that those interested can join.

Actividades Casvi Tres Cantos. Extraescolares

Our Christmas Show or Christmas Festival is one of the highlights of the festivities at Casvi International American School. Every year, our pupils prepare to put on a show of music, dance and theatre for their families. As an American school, you can’t miss Christmas decorations and this party. And every year is even better than the last!

The Christmas Festival is a day full of excitement and Christmas atmosphere in which the whole school is involved and makes every effort to ensure that everything goes perfectly and that we say goodbye to the year in the best way possible. In addition, Father Christmas and his elves will be visiting us the same week.


Alumnos y profesores esquiando en Andorra. Otras actividades en Casvi Tres Cantos

Another popular winter activity is our Winter Trip. This is a ski trip to Andorra for students from Grade 2 upwards.

The destination is the ski resort PAS DE LA CASA / GRAU ROIG. In addition to skiing, students have the option of visiting Caldea, a thermal spa located in the town of Escaldes.

The pupils are accompanied by teachers from the school at all times and by teachers from the Official Ski School. In addition to socializing with their peers and practicing this sport, they continue to study daily in designated study slots. This allows them not to fall behind in their studies.


Two important graduations are held during the school year: Kindergarten Graduation and the Grade 12 Graduation or Diploma Programme. The students dress up and become the protagonists of this unforgettable activity in Casvi Tres Cantos.

Of course, family and friends are invited to these very special celebrations which mark the end of two very special stages of their educational career.


In spring, another of the most popular activities of Casvi Tres Cantos arrives: The Spring Festival.

The school is filled with colour and music on this day when families are invited to attend the festival and be thrilled by the musical performances of the pupils.

Spring is a season that symbolises the rebirth and blossoming of nature. We celebrate this season because it is a way to educate students about the cycle of life, the importance of nature and the environment. It is also an activity at Casvi Tres Cantos that fosters a sense of community and collaboration between students, teachers and families.


On the last day of the school year, we celebrated Family Day. A day dedicated to families with lots of activities and surprises. Family games, karaoke, bouncy castles, music, a zumba class… These are some of the activities taking place on this day. The purpose is to strengthen ties within our community.

One of the most special activities on this day is the Talent Show, in which some of our students show their artistic talents in front of their family and friends. In addition, there is a charity market and activities for charitable purposes.


As an American school, we celebrate some American traditions throughout the school year. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Spirit Week, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Sports Day, Culture Week, Santa Claus visit, or the celebration of 100 days of school are some of the traditions we do every year.

All of these activities are aimed at giving our students an understanding of American culture, fostering school spirit and the unity of our entire educational community.

Acción de Gracias. Actividad en Casvi Tres Cantos
Alumnas de Casvi Tres Cantos en el partido de fútbol del Día del Deporte
Niños disfrazados para Halloween en Casvi Tres Cantos
Alumnas haciendo de animadoras en el día del deporte. Actividad en Casvi Tres Cantos


Each term, we organize a Book Fair at the school with a publisher to provide books in English for students of all ages. The purpose is to encourage students at all levels to read and in turn, through new stories, to improve their reading comprehension.

Taking advantage of this day, the CAS students will be holding storytelling workshops for the youngest children.

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