Casvi International American School is an English immersion and International Baccalaureate school in Madrid. Thanks to the continuum of the three IB Programmes (PYP, MYP and DP), students can start preparing for the Diploma Programme from the age of three. From an early age, the acquisition of useful skills and aptitudes to face the challenges of the future is encouraged.

English Immersion

At Casvi International American, we pride ourselves on being one of the only schools in Spain to offer authentic English immersion. We believe that English is essential for our students to be able to live in a globalized world. This is achieved by working on English daily from the age of 0, thanks to native English teachers.

Inmersión en inglés en Casvi International American School


As a school in Spain, Spanish coexists with English in our classrooms in the subjects of Spanish Language and Social Sciences. However, our students also have the option of choosing Spanish as their language of instruction when they reach the Diploma Programme.

As well as offering English immersion for foreign students who need it, we also offer Spanish classes for foreigners adapted to their needs.


We encourage the learning of other languages such as Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world. From Grade 3, students are introduced to Chinese for the first time and learn its culture.

The benefits of learning Chinese can be significant both on a personal and professional level, due to the job opportunities it offers, the broadening of horizons it entails, or being able to access and understand a rich and ancient culture.

In Grade 9, students can choose to continue learning Chinese or German.


German is taught in our school from Grade 5 (10 years old). German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and Germany, one of the world’s leading economies, so learning this language is a great opportunity.

On the other hand, German opens the door for our students to understand and learn about German culture, history, and society, as well as other German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to learn languages from an early age.

If you would like to find out more about our English immersion school, please contact our Admissions Team.

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