Writing and technology: learning to write at Casvi Tres Cantos

Learning to write has a multitude of benefits, beyond the merely linguistic ones. Writing is based on codes that allow the creation of letters following patterns and strokes. This learning process must be linked to that of reading. For this reason, it is important to provide adequate stimulation in the early years to awaken in the children interests and concerns that will be fundamental for the learning that they will develop in the different stages that are taught at Casvi International American School (PYP, MYP and DP).

Let’s see then what benefits learning to write has on children’s development and why the use of new technologies is important in this learning process.

Writing and Technology at Casvi International American School

Benefits of learning to write

Learning is a process that involves several factors, although each student has his or her own process and personal techniques that tend to work for them. However, as stated in a study by the University of Arizona and the University of Utah called “Writing to Learn”, learning to write has benefits in different areas. In addition, it helps them develop different skills.

Learning to write has a multitude of benefits for the students of Casvi International American School:

-Development of skills related to the International Baccalaureate methodology such as:

       -Research and thinking: analysis, organization and evaluation of ideas and concepts.

       -Self-management: control over tasks that they themselves have carried out.

       -Communication and linguistic expression: establishing a direct link with the world around them.

-Improves attention and memory.

-Encouragement of creativity.

-It influences psychomotor development, hand-eye coordination and muscle tone.

-Facilitates comprehension.

-It facilitates the learning of other languages.

Regarding this last aspect, the students of Casvi International American School learn, from Pre-K2 (4 years old), to write in both English and Spanish.

“Literacy is neither a luxury nor an obligation: it is a right”.

Emilia Ferreiro
Writing and Technology at Casvi International American School

New technologies and writing

Technologies also play an important role in the learning method. Devices such as the digital whiteboard or tablets can help children practice directionality, coordination or strokes during the process of learning to write. Pre-K2 students make use of these devices and are already able to write their names.

At Casvi International American School we are committed to the combination of technological tools together with traditional ones such as brushes, pens, markers or paints. All of them are necessary and irreplaceable to develop the pincer grasp, something necessary for correct writing.

Writing and Technology at Casvi International American School

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