Why is it important to raise awareness?

AESLEME has been carrying out the accident prevention campaign “Te Puede Pasar” since 1990, which is aimed at students in schools throughout Spain from the primary stage to Bachillerato.

In this case, some representatives of the association visited our center to talk with Bachillerato students about the consequences of accidents, such as injuries and physical, psychological and social problems that may happen.

Casvi concienciación accidentes tráfico

That’s the way they acquire the necessary information to understand the factors put teen drivers at risk: inexperience, speeding, nighttime and weekend driving.

Casvi concienciación accidentes tráfico

Our students have been able to listen the testimonies of traffic accident victims and how their life changed completely after that.

Casvi concienciación accidentes tráfico

At Casvi international American School we believe car accident prevention begins with helping teens gain the knowledge necessary to stay safe on the road.

They reflect through raising awareness about their responsability as global citizens.

This means developing skills related to problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration!

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