What to do to learn English successfully?

You are not born successful. One prepares oneself for it day after day. Achieving academic success requires effort, dedication and discipline. But, not only by the student. The entire educational community must encourage them to bring out the best in themselves to achieve academic, personal and professional success. To achieve this goal, at Casvi International American School we have the best professionals who help discover positive habits in each student, habits that can be part of a work routine that benefits them and leads them to success.

Learning a language like English opens a wide range of opportunities while making us more competitive in the world of work, and no wonder. English is the predominant language in the world, with more than 1.5 billion people speaking and practicing it.

That is why we can safely say that English opens the doors of the world to us. Knowing this language in depth, not only allows us to open ourselves to other cultures, but also allows us to travel, learn and create an open and international mindset.

At Casvi International American School, as an American school based on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate, the combination of internationality and the predominance of the English language is our major premise. With native teachers, our students not only learn English. They receive a totally different culture, language, and way of thinking. At Casvi International American School we train world citizens. Through a rigorous education based on shared values and an international mindset, our students become lifelong learners who make lasting contributions to the world. Our campus brings together students served by native-English speaking teachers who form a diverse and inclusive community.

Casvi International American School is synonymous with flexibility. It is a model that allows us to adapt to the educational needs of each of our students, and to access any university in the world. This curricular model based on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate provides our students with skills and aptitudes that form an international profile so that tomorrow they will know how to face a world that is constantly changing.

As you know, behind success there is always a lot of work and effort. That is why our teachers work every day on each discipline of the IB methodology in a very detailed way so that our students get the best out of them. One of the most important aspects when learning a new language is to speak it, since it is really the only way to get to dominate with precision and knowledge that language. That is why expressing ourselves successfully in this language can be a great challenge.

How to learn English successfully?

However, our native teachers offer us a series of tips to achieve success in the use of this language:

  1. Immersion in the language: A fundamental part of having a good level of English is to be in total contact with the language. This will improve your learning and will help you develop new skills and obtain tools to be able to communicate better.
  2. Use your body to speak English:Non-verbal communication is fundamental to speaking a language successfully. Use gestures, body language and facial expressions to explain or emphasize an idea.
  3. Listen to the language:There is nothing better than a class with one of our native speaking teachers to enhance this learning. It is essential to understand before speaking, the more familiar we are with the language, the better we will speak.

Mastering the most practiced language in the world gives our students a number of advantages that will not only put them at the top of the educational system, but also in the professional field. What are the characteristics of a successful student when learning English?

  • They can learn any subject without language being an obstacle for them.
  • They move in an international environment and develop an open mind.
  • They have a greater number of future possibilities and employment opportunities. With effort, dedication and discipline they will not find any limitations in the professional field.
  • They have the opportunity to get to know other cultures, cities and societies by traveling as citizens of the world.

In short, studying English will make us more international and have an open mind to new cultures. At Casvi International American School we give great importance to the study of languages, that’s why in our classrooms not only do we perfect English, which is our language of instruction, but we also teach Chinese and German. Get ready to study languages at Casvi International American School!

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