What is the American education system?

The enormous exposure through television series or even movies, makes more and more students dream of accessing an American educational system, as it is a very appealing alternative for those who are considering leaving Spain to work and create a successful future abroad.

And, it’s not for nothing. Already in 2002 the American state, under the slogan No child left behind, made a commitment to all schools to help students get the best version of themselves. Precisely, this is the maxim of Casvi International American School, to give our best to offer the best possible education to our students.

At Casvi International American School, having an American education system not only makes us different, but more competitive. Thanks to this educational system we offer flexibility, as it is a model that allows us to adapt perfectly to the educational needs of each of our students. This curricular model on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate provides all our students with skills and aptitudes that form an international profile so that tomorrow they will know how to face a world that is in constant change. Through a rigorous education based on shared values and an international mindset, our students become lifelong learners who make lasting contributions to the world.

From a Spanish perspective, choosing an American school for our children is an option that will undoubtedly open up a wide range of possibilities for them in the future. This educational system will bring out the best in them. Thus, they will leave behind a traditional educational system that does not motivate them enough, and that can make them obtain academic results that do not reflect their abilities.

We all see and talk about education based on the American curriculum, but do we really know what this educational model consists of? The first thing you should know is the equivalencies with the Spanish educational system in terms of grade structure. Below, you will find a table showing these equivalencies, which will help you better understand their structure.

The next thing you need to know about the American educational system is the wide range of subjects it offers, from mid-stage algebra, to business, debates, public speaking, or even performing arts. One of the strong points of the educational system that we offer at Casvi International American School is the great importance of the different extracurricular activities that each of our students can choose during their school years.

In this sense, the extracurricular culture at Casvi International American School plays a fundamental role in our academic curriculum, so we offer a wide and original range of sports activities. The different artistic or cultural options available to our students are also an essential part of our curriculum. Among all of them, our choir stands out, which, directed by Mr. Herranz, rehearses every day to be one of the best choirs with student voices in Madrid. Not even the pandemic has stopped them. Thanks to the online classes and an excellent methodological project, they continued practicing and testing their voices every day.

Advantages of the American education system

And, with all this you will ask yourself: how do we know if this educational system is the best for the education of our children? Very simply, the American education system offers you:

  • Coherent and constant content adapted to the needs of each student.
  • Reduced group size: so that more interaction between students and teachers is generated. This favors social relationships and comradeship in the classroom.
  • High level of participation in the classrooms: which generates debates in which the teachers make them participants of their teachings. This positively affects and helps their self-esteem and personality development.
  • Support for research: through a methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, our students are able to decide on their future based on their personality.
  • Good facilities and advanced means with state-of-the-art technology:at Casvi International American School we have advanced technical learning means to offer the best education to our students. Our school consists of buildings with classrooms, laboratories, art and music rooms, all equipped with technology. In addition, we have extensive sports facilities including tennis courts, paddle tennis, soccer field, dance hall and library. With a large garden area our students can even feel closer than ever to the nature around them.
  • Quality formation for university:The objective is to prepare our students for access to the best universities in the world, centers with a high degree of excellence. Therefore, our campus brings together students served by native teachers who form a diverse and inclusive community.

In short, the IB methodology we work with at Casvi International American School is a unique option to help students develop and achieve their goals. At Casvi International American School we offer great opportunities to educate successful young people. For this reason, the entire educational community shares the idea that through education a better world can be built.

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