What are the formalities to study at a school in Spain?



Today, we live in an increasingly globalized world where borders are disappearing and an increasingly international mindset is being acquired. For various reasons, every year many families move from one country to another.

One of the issues that most concern families when they move to another country is choosing the best school for their children. But what are the steps to take to study in a school in Spain?

Aspects to take into account regarding education in Spain

The first thing to bear in mind is that education in Spain is compulsory from the age of 6. However, 96.6% of the children in our country attend the Pre-School stage according to data from the “Estadística de las Enseñanzas no Universitarias”, published by the Ministry of Education. This education continues to be compulsory until the age of 16, that is, until Grade 10 (4th ESO).

It is also important to note that in Spain there are three types of schools according to their management: public, subsidized and private. The first two follow the guidelines and requirements of each autonomous community. In the case of private schools, each school has its own admission process.

A student visa, essential

Student visa is essential for foreign students who want to study in a school in Spain. This visa allows non-EU students to stay in our country while studying. It is, as we have indicated, only necessary for those students coming from countries outside the European Union.

It is important to know that the student visa is valid for one academic year, that is to say, it is valid until June 30. Therefore, it is necessary to renew it every academic year, but it is essential to present the certificate of achievement that accredits the academic achievements of the course.

What are the formalities to study at a school in Spain?
Requirements to obtain a student visa

As indicated in the Immigration Portal, there are a series of requirements to obtain a student visa:

-Not belonging to any State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

-Have sufficient financial means to cover the costs of your stay and repatriation.

-Have a public or private health insurance policy with a health insurance company authorized to operate in Spain.

-To have been admitted to an authorized educational institution in Spain.

Documentation required to apply for a student visa

In addition to meeting the requirements, it is very important to gather all the necessary documentation to be able to apply for a student visa.

-Passport valid for the period for which the stay is requested.

-Official national visa application form correctly completed and signed by a legal representative.

-Documentary evidence of health insurance coverage.

-Accreditation of authorization in an educational center in Spain.

-Proof that the economic requirements are met: 100% of the IPREM, which is equivalent to about 600 euros per month, or proof that the full amount of accommodation has been paid in advance until the end of the stay in the country.

What are the formalities to study at a school in Spain?

All this documentation can be presented either from the country of origin (through the consulate) or in Spain by making an appointment at a local Immigration Office.

How is the admission process at Casvi International American School?

At Casvi International American School we have an open admission process throughout the year, in this way, a student can join at any stage of the course.

The fundamental steps in our admission process are:

-Personal interview in person or online.

-Interview with the stage coordinators to assess the academic and language level, mainly English.

-Sending of transcripts or other academic reports.

In addition, for foreign students it is essential that they have a legal guardian in Spain. This procedure can be done independently or, if not, it can be managed from the center itself at no cost.

Find out more about our admissions process on our website.

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