We start a new School Year

Primer día de colegio en Casvi International American School

We welcome a new school year with an increased number of students, teachers and many emotions.

On September 6th, we started classes at Casvi International American School, with more energy than ever. Although the day started with some rain, a huge rainbow soon appeared, which marked a very special beginning of the school year.

The first day of school is always full of excitement, nerves and tears from the little ones. However, this new academic year 2023 -2024 is set to be more special than ever. Our school, founded in 2007, has grown steadily over the years. The time of the pandemic, triggered by COVID-19, was undoubtedly the most challenging period, but it also showed our ability to adapt to change. This year, we have witnessed an increase in students and the excitement in the air is undeniable. We have welcomed approximately 370 students from 32 different nationalities.

Diversity is something that distinguishes our school and aligns with our commitment to inclusion as an international school. One of our goals is to create an environment where students from around the world can come together to learn, grow and forge meaningful connections.

Another outstanding feature of our school is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. This world-renowned curriculum emphasizes not only academic excellence, but also the development of well-rounded, compassionate individuals who are prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

Our students are encouraged to think critically, be open-minded and embrace the values of the IB program. With our diverse student community, our commitment to the IB program and our dedication to promoting values that foster global citizenship, we are confident that this school year will be one of growth, discovery and positive transformation for all members of our school community.

Welcome to an exciting year of learning and opportunities!

Rainbow at Casvi International American School
Students in their first day of school at Casvi International American School

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