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Our Vision

To become a benchmark in international and global teaching with quality and innovation, enabling our students to achieve their maximum potential in terms of excellence in their academic and personal education, developing, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate, critical thinking, mastery of languages, encouraging sports, creativity and artistic spirit, paying individualised attention to families, and technological and educational innovation.

Our Mission

To support the personal and intellectual growth of our students, to give them gain an authentic advantage at university, in professional work, or in real-life situations through the discovery and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and ethical commitment to our society.

Our Values

• Confidence: Family and school are united in the decision making process.
• Communication: Accessible, specific and continuous.
• Commitment: Achieving the best for each and every one of our students
• Consistency: Our example, which is the best educational tool
• Sincerity and honesty: Over 30 years remaining faithful to our ideas and principles
• Respect and tolerance. We train citizens of the world.
• Tenacity and perseverance: We work towards achieving our goals
• Empathy: We assume your concerns and your goals
• Exacting yet comprehensive: We employ the appropriate strategy required at any given
• Enthusiasm: We enjoy our educational task.
• Responsibility: The future is in our hands.

Our long-term vision includes the commitment of the teaching staff, the school strategy and the educational project.

Juan Luis YagüeCEO of Casvi Group

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