A gift for mom!

We did not want to spoil the surprise, so we waited a little bit for our children to give to their mothers the gift they made last week at school.

Casvi dia de la madre


From the idea, to the final touch of color.

Casvi dia de la madre

Thus, they have given to their mothers, a ceramic print of their hands to show them that they are older to help them on a day-to-day routine.

Cavsi Dia de la madre

They have made different crafts, in which they have put not only their creativity to work, but above all, a lot of love.

Casvi dia de la madre

From Casvi International American School we want to congratulate all the super moms that are part of our educational community, the moms of our students, our teachers, non-teaching staff and of course our School Principal. We hope you spend a lovely day!

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