Tips and benefits for choosing the best extracurricular activities

From sports to music and dance, at Casvi International American School we find a wide range of extracurricular activities that can be practiced without leaving the campus. In addition, in this post, we offer tips and benefits for choosing the best extracurricular activities. Each one of them, without a doubt, will help our students in the development of their academic abilities, while offering them the resources to become more mature, progress, and grow personally and professionally.

It is essential to focus on the student’s talent. Once detected, we only have to choose the activity that stimulates them the most, and that is in accordance with their personality and preferences.

At Casvi International American School we offer extracurricular activities that adapt to the interests of our students so that each one of them can choose the one that best suits their needs in this new school year.

Benefits of extracurricular activities at school

The practice of some extracurricular activity has a very positive effect on students, especially if they combine those of a recreational nature, with others, focused on sports or on academics.

With the practice of this type of extracurricular activities, students develop a series of skills that not only reinforce their learning but also their personal knowledge. In this way, they develop as citizens of a world that is constantly changing. The advantages of these activities are many:

  1. Development of new skills.
  2. Complementing training
  3. Boosting academic and personal performance
  4. Development of social skills and time management
How to choose the best extracurricular activity?

Psychologists agree. It is essential to choose an activity jointly between family and student, knowing previously the characteristics and needs of each one of them. In this way, students will not feel that the activity is imposed on them but will treat it as a leisure period.

Planning is also important so that the student manages to enjoy these activities without feeling overwhelmed by the number of activities planned in one day.

Generating realistic expectations is essential. Controlling them will help not to create frustrations in the students for not feeling fulfilled. If we get involved in all these guidelines we will make each student feel that he/she is enjoying himself/herself while learning a new discipline.

At Casvi International American School you will find different types of extracurricular activities:

Sports activities

Extracurricular activities focused on sports not only improve the physical health of the students but also their mental health too. Thanks to the practice of paddle tennis, tennis, or soccer, our students work on their ability to concentrate at the same time that they become professional in their favorite sport.

Performing Arts Activities

Extracurricular activities such as dance, guitar or piano encourage our students to develop their feelings and emotions.

Thanks to their practice, they also reinforce skills such as balance, coordination or their creative ability.

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