Beyond transmitting knowledge, theories or innovative techniques, educating means moving the spirit, transmitting passion, and revolutionizing the soul. Nowadays it is very common to see how parents, teachers, and even students, focus their interest on rational intelligence, overlooking feelings, creativity, critical thinking, and even imagination, as essential subjects in the education of anyone.

Fostering curiosity for learning and developing creative thinking is a great challenge that teachers will always have to face. For this reason, the only antidote that exists to help make this happen is to include the arts in the educational process of all students. Introducing arts education and music instruction as an essential subject in schools will undoubtedly help students to know themselves better, express their inner world and express their imagination and creativity too.

At Casvi International American School we are aware that our students and children in general love to create and imagine. For this reason, in order to incorporate arts education in each of our classrooms, we offer a wide range of curricular options within the framework of the International Baccalaureate, for the development of artistic and visual techniques. Dance, music, choir or theater classes are some of them, and in which our students develop their talents and skills from a very early age.

At Casvi, we are a really committed institution with the application of artistic and musical creativity in all the educational stages of our students. For us, music is an essential part of our educational curriculum.

“Our mission to train our students artistic and musically helps to form a critical spirit based on knowledge, and to increase their confidence and discover their own identity, which will undoubtedly help them to overcome the challenges of the contemporary world,” says our Performing Arts teacher, Mr. Álvaro Amor.

profesor de música enseña nuevos acordes a los alumnos de Casvi
There is no doubt that daily contact with music, arts, dance and the other disciplines that encompass the Performing Arts, has multiple benefits for the intellectual, psychomotor and rational development of students from an early age. In fact, according to a study by Northwestern University, the methodology of the center and the model that is taught in the classes, are decisive pillars in the learning of each of the students, as it encourages them to participate actively and to be proactive in each lesson. Thus, it is demonstrated how under this teaching methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, and under the American curriculum with native teachers, Casvi students manage to reach more complex neuronal responses, preparing them to face challenges that they had never imagined before.

At Casvi International American School, our students have a wide range of opportunities to express themselves and develop their artistic abilities. “Thanks to the transversal skills acquired in the study of performing arts and music at an early age, we can ensure that students who have received this artistic training will have a greater development in important intelligence such as mathematical logic, or interpersonal skills,” concludes Mr. Alvaro Amor.

At Casvi International American School we strive daily to train citizens of the world, working on skills such as musical learning, body expression, design or public speaking from an early age, in order to achieve the professional success of our students in the future.

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