The treasures of the Royal Superior Conservatory of Madrid

Middle School students have visited the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid, the oldest public institution of musical education in Spain, and there they have discovered an amazing collection of ancient instruments, scores and methods.

Visita real conservatorio

Located in front of the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid offers higher music education, from flamenco to jazz, singing, the study of traditional instruments such as the zanfoña…

Real Conservatorio Visita Casvi

wind instruments, piano, percussion or even harp.

Real conservatorio Visita Casvi

One of the most important instruments treasured by the center is, without any doubt, the Stradivarius violin of Pablo Sarasate. It’s lnown as Boissier-Sarasate and considered as one of the best preserved of the luthier Antonio Cremona Stradivari. It has captivated our students.

Real Conservatorio Visita Casvi

Our students have inquired about the history of music where it is created day by day,

Real Conservatorio de Madrid

also attending a short chamber music recital after the visit.

Real Conservatorio Visita Casvi

At Casvi International American School, Music is one of the most important areas of our Educational Project because of its creative and artistic component, but also because it helps socialization and fosters collaboration, critical spirit and respect among our students.

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