The Italy Diaries 3: Arrivederci!

Although our students of 1º of Bachillerato have already came back to their classes with normality, we remember their last days in Venice where they visited, among other monuments, the Basilica of San Marcos.

After visiting the Italian capital and touring Tuscany, the last stop of this one-week-trip was Venice. There, they walked through its streets, squares and bridges.

Viaje a Italia Casvi 2019

The historic center of Venice is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to its rich monumental and artistic heritage, which is reflected not only in its streets but also inside its palaces and museums.

Viaje a Italia Casvi 2019

Our students could even enjoy a gondola ride through the Grand canal and observe the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Salute, a masterpiece of Venetian baroque. The perfect ending of their trip!

Viaje a Italia Casvi 2019


Arrivederci Italia!

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