The Italy Diaries 1: Rome, eternal city.

The students of 1st of Bachillerato landed in Rome this Saturday at noon and have spent a very entertaining weekend at the Città Eterna.

The first stop was the city of El Vaticano, a complex museum consisting of different buildings of thematic museums, pontifical buildings, galleries, monuments and gardens; a place with a high artistic value.

Casvi Italia 2019

As the capital of the Roman Empire, Rome became the first big metropolis of humanity, center of one of the most important ancient civilizations. Proof of this is the Colosseum or Flavio’s Amphitheater.

Casvi Italia 2019

Our students, accompanied by two of their Homeroom Teachers, have been able to enjoy this open-air museum walking through its streets and discovering places such as the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums and the Trajan’s Market, the centers of political, economic, religious life and social of the ancient world.

Casvi Italia 2019

In their second stage of this exciting trip they will visit Assisi and Siena to spend the night in Florence and continue their tour to the north of Italy.

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