The importance of the English certificate at Casvi Tres Cantos

Having a certificate of English level is a seal of quality for the formation of any person. At Casvi International American School we work with the best professionals and we have the best facilities for our students to achieve success in learning this language, to achieve the academic or professional objectives that each one of them have as a goal.

In our educational community we share with our students the idea that being able to communicate in different languages such as English is a very valuable skill, since it is a very useful tool that will open a great variety of possibilities in the future. At Casvi International American School our students live a true linguistic and cultural immersion. The language of instruction is English, but they also learn Chinese and German, other languages that will undoubtedly be very useful in their professional careers.

At Casvi International American School we have native English-speaking teachers, mostly American, trained in the best universities. This means that our students are very well prepared to take the English certification exams. Having a certification that accredits the English level of our students is undoubtedly a solid evidence of the values of trust and quality of our school.

In our school we take the Cambridge and Michigan exams, because these types of certifications, unlike others such as Aptis, are recognized worldwide and are accepted by universities and companies all over the world.

Nowadays, having this type of certification is an essential aspect for any person who wants to progress in the professional or academic field. In addition, it is an indispensable condition to access scholarships, university degrees, and in many occasions to obtain a job or to opt for high labor positions.

Advantages of validating the level of English from the school

Learning English during the school stage undoubtedly has multiple benefits for the students, since it offers them a greater number of opportunities for their future. But how can we add value to this type of learning, and what are the advantages of validating the level of English from the school? Here are some of them:

  • -Saving time, since English will already be part of their life from the beginning of their education.
  • -Helps in meeting your future goals, such as preparing for your professional career abroad.
  • Offers a mark of quality in the education of students.

The global scenario in which we operate, business internationalization and the growing movement of workers between different countries have made companies increasingly opt for multicultural teams. This trend is contributing to an increase in the demand for languages in the overall job supply.

According to Adecco’s Infoempleo Report, once again this year, English is reaffirming itself as the language most demanded by companies in our country. The language that dominates the business world remains an essential requirement in 89.1% of the offers in which a language is requested.

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