The experience of our international students in Casvi

Living new experiences, getting to know other cultures or learning to be self-sufficient. The advantages of studying abroad and becoming an international student are many and very diverse. That is why, every year, young people from all over the world, live and learn in Casvi centers, where they begin an experience they will never forget.

The experience of our international students in Casvi makes it clear: here they develop deep friendships that last forever. Our main mission is to make our students grow personally and intellectually, to reach a real advantage in the university, in the working world, or in any real life situation through the detection and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment with our society.

Internationality at Casvi implies a global competence where cultural exchange, recognition of diversity, acceptance and mutual respect make up our philosophy. Life at Casvi is a life-changing experience. In our facilities, they not only explore their interests, but also develop their talents. In addition, Residence Life at Casvi International American School offers a wide variety of fun and interesting activities.

I remember my first day at the Residence as an amazing experience because my friends and educators encouraged me to feel like a member of this family.
Erika, a Grade 9 student

International Baccalaureate and international students

Our international students come to Casvi from different countries: China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia… and each one of them has its own story. In Casvi they have managed to create a climate of internationality that adds to the teaching methodology implemented: the International Baccalaureate. With the implementation of the three programs of this teaching methodology and adding the American teaching model, our students live the experience of being part of an international community that will provide them with the essential opportunities for their formation.

The best thing about living in the Residence is that you can communicate with people from other countries, learn about their culture, and how they got here. This helps us to feel connected, to make friendships around the world. At Casvi International American School we do everything together, in the end, we are like a big family.
Fernando, from Grade 11
I arrived at Casvi about three months ago from Iran. Everything was different there. I arrived knowing hardly any Spanish, and without any acquaintances. At first, I was afraid. Separating from my family was the most complicated thing, but little by little I have felt accompanied and loved at Casvi. They have taught me to communicate, to express myself and to know their culture, and most importantly, to respect my own. Now I have a group of friends in which I feel accepted, and although there are days when I miss home, I think that Casvi is the best place where I could live this experience.
Erfan, from Grade 7

From the moment an international student decides to start his or her experience at Casvi, the whole educational community accompanies him or her throughout the process. Through online interviews, we manage to connect with the families, to explain our educational project, as well as the advantages of studying abroad. In addition, we show them our facilities and put the student in contact with the teaching staff. In this way, we shape the experience of our international students at Casvi. Little by little, they feel connected in a multicultural network, based on respect and tolerance.

Benefits for our international students

The international students have multiple advantages. Here are 6 reasons why you should take the plunge into an international experience:

  1. Live a new adventure. Life begins where our comfort zone ends. The unknown stimulates the brain, broadens horizons and gives you new resources to face reality.
  2. Also, learn to be self-sufficient. Complying with the obligations you assume and understanding the rules to which you are subject will be one of the greatest learning experiences.
  3. Learn another language. Communicating in another language in daily interactions or studying in another language are experiences that catalyze learning.
  4. Learning about another culture. It is a unique and unforgettable way to broaden your horizons. But getting to know another culture also means understanding and respecting its norms.
  5. Acquire new skills and develop competencies. People who have studied abroad develop the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the 21st century job market: flexibility, adaptability and the ability to manage uncertainty.


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