The educative equation we will have to face

The situation we have been facing in Spain since last March has forced us to adapt to a huge number of changes. This situation is now repeated in what is perceived as the most challenging School Year beginning that I remember. Ahead of us, we have different potential scenarios, whose combination for the benefit of security and the education’s rights, must be a guide to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. These are the four different scenarios we have to take into account throughout these new School Year:

• Scenario I: Face-to-face attendance and extraordinary hygiene measures.
• Scenario II: Blended learning
• Scenario III: Confinement
• Scenario IV: Giving lessons without COVID-19 sanitary issues

Since March 11, 2020, all schools in Spain have faced an unexpected new challenge: giving online lessons. Only few institutions continued to work towards student’s online education since the first day of confinement and following the same schedules for each subject, We were able to cope with online lessons quickly due to the different management systems, communication skills, collaborative work they had that we develop in our students and also with the aid of the technological skills that both students and teachers had.

The return to School in September forces all of us again, Private School, Charter School and Public School, to face different alternatives: face-to-face lessons, blended learning, online lessons… According to our last experience and whatever the scenario in which the lesson should be taught, both teachers and students are prepared to face with guarantees any of these ways of receiving lessons. Even if what is needed is to mix them, adapting ourselves to the parents concerns, who prefer their children to receive online lessons, while the rest of their classmates do it face-to-face or even blended.

Digitalization will allow all of us to continue innovating and improving our methodologies. We were pioneers in launching new tools that will encourage our students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for their future: iPad, digital boards, online books, robotics, PTR department (Programming, Technology and Robotics), etc. And that is what we will continue to do with a single goal, to give the best possible education to our students, come what may.

       D. Juan Luis Yagüe
CEO of Casvi Group

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