The advantages of the American education system

An American school in Spain? Competitiveness, a wide range of jobs, cultural and social diversity, academic quality and prestige… are some of the attributes that the American and international educational system of Casvi International American School offers its students.

Implementing the American education system in the classroom is already a reality at Casvi International American School. With our international character, and a unique curriculum in the northern area of Madrid taught by native English-speaking teachers, we ensure academic excellence and professional success for all our students.

With 3 years of filming with an American teaching system, at Casvi International American School we have managed to make a difference. New educational model, new students, new teachers, and many new sensations, which, without a doubt, is what gives us the strength to continue in our objective: to give the best possible education to our students.

Having this educational system not only makes us different, but also exclusive. As an American school we have native teachers, who, with their corresponding official qualifications, make the language of instruction English, something that already provides great advantages for our students. The internationality of our work methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, the teaching of languages, the use of new technologies for the benefit of learning, and the promotion of the talent of our students, backed by great academic results, are the pillars that support our ambitious educational project.

But, why an American school in Spain? The answer is very simple: Flexibility. It is a model that allows us to adapt perfectly to the educational needs of each of our students. With native English-speaking teachers of any nationality, this model, based on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate, provides all our students with skills and aptitudes so that they can face a constantly changing world.

Without a doubt, the biggest difference between the American education model and traditional educational models is within the classroom. In Casvi International American School we have a personalized attention that aims to promote the talent of each and every one of its students. Within the classrooms, the students are not mere spectators, but the protagonists of each action. Each activity is a challenge for them. For their part, the teachers are not just instructors, but guides the students. Thus, within our classrooms there is a dynamic and fun atmosphere, so that students can investigate, train, communicate and reflect. Definitely, to learn by themselves.

Being part of this educational system not only helps our students in academic terms. The American system also offers a great cultural and social diversity for all families, since within our facilities we add to the festivities and dates so typical in the United States as Thanksgiving or Winter Break. Thus, all our families participate in a total cultural immersion together with the students.

Advantages of American system in the IB

But, this is not the only advantage our students have as students in an American educational system. They also have a great variety of academic options in their future, since it is one of the educational systems with the greatest offer of universities in the world. According to the agency Grupo Mundo en Red (GMR), these are other advantages that American educational system offers:

  • Academic competitiveness: this competitiveness makes academic quality one of the highlights of American education.
  • Great offer of sports clubs and extracurricular activities: at Casvi International American School we give special importance to the practice of these types of activities, not only because they benefit the health of our students, but also because they develop abilities and skills that will place them in an advantageous position in the future.
  • Cultural and social diversity: the outgoing and friendly character of our native teachers, as well as their interest in offering a true linguistic and cultural immersion, make our students very receptive and open-minded.
  • Wider job market: one of the direct benefits of this educational system is the wide range of career opportunities it offers, as our students finish their schooling with English and Spanish as their main tools of communication.

Thanks to the advantages offered by our American educational system, our students will finish their schooling prepared for the future, where it will be easier for them to access any University in the world. Don’t hesitate, and throw yourself into the American experience!

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