Technology, social networks, scientific advances… all of these have contributed to the world-changing at a dizzying pace in recent years. The way we communicate, work, relate to each other, and even the globalization we have seen in academic and work life, has formed a great change in our daily life. All these changes, social needs, or responsibilities to the environment and society, go hand in hand with a substantial variation in the trends in education that children and young people are experiencing.

Therefore, new trends in education are beginning to emerge , which respond to the needs of new generations to the general changes that society is experiencing. This, not only with the aim of forming new generations prepared to face the present and the future, but also to stimulate them so that they themselves are the creators of future changes and improvements in our society. Enhancing their skills and talents from childhood is an essential aspect in which educators around the world work daily. At Casvi International American School, we analyze all the existing social transformations to develop educational changes adapted to the needs of each student and family, so that each of them responds to the needs of a world that is constantly changing.

But, we must be aware that educating goes beyond providing knowledge or skills. Educating means helping people develop intellectual, moral, and affective faculties in accordance with the culture and society that surrounds them. It involves educating global citizens who make lasting contributions to society. Being an educator provides the opportunity to contribute value to society. Teachers not only transmit knowledge but also socialize and prepare the new generations to insert themselves positively in the social and cultural world that surrounds us.

tendencias en educación en un mundo globalizado

“When you are a teacher you have the responsibility to prepare students for a future, which no one knows. Therefore, we strive to develop the critical spirit, empathy, and heart of the students in the hope that with these tools they themselves will be able to overcome life’s difficulties and create a better future. This is the true magic of being a teacher,” says Mr. Alvaro Amor, Performing Arts teacher at Casvi International American School.

At Casvi International American School we analyze the trends in the educational world, based on three principles:

  • Digital natives in a technological society

The new generations are children of the new technologies, which makes it more than necessary that these form a vital part of their learning. It is no longer enough to know how to use them as user level, we must educate and train our young people to be able to create with them. At Casvi, through interdisciplinary projects, we implement programming and robotics, as one of the new educational trends from Pre-School. With inquiry-based learning, our students are able to think for themselves, imagine, create and understand the processes carried out.

  • The student as the protagonist of his own educational background.

At Casvi we work daily so that our students are the clear protagonists of their own learning from an early age. In this way, each student is capable of developing abilities, skills, and knowledge in an autonomous way. With this, we contribute to personal effort, we evaluate learning in a personalized way and we take into account the academic, emotional, and social needs of each of our students.

tendencias en educación en un mundo globalizado

  • Emotional development, critical thinking, inquiring personality, and social responsibility.Finally, throughout the entire educational stage, it is essential to take into account the importance of emotional development in each student, since self-esteem and self-confidence depend to a great extent on it. At Casvi, our students are able to distinguish, understand, express, and control their emotions, and this, to a great extent, is the difference between failure and success in other social areas.

    At Casvi International American School we work daily to educate, stimulate and train people with spirit and critical thinking, innovative, resolute, respectful and conscious from an early age, with the objective that all our students are able to detect and solve the problems of the present and the future, essential for the globalized world in which we live, to continue advancing.

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