Baseball season

Grade 6 students are encouraged to inquire through different sports to understand how certain skills, knowledge, and attitudes they can use for a healthy lifestyle.

On this occasion, we can say that the Baseball season has started!

Indagación en Educación Física

In USA, it is known as the national pastime and the truth is that it is a sport that combines many different physical and mental skills.

Indagación en Educación Física

From swinging a bat to throwing a ball to running around the bases…

Indagación en Educación Física

or expressing themselves about the rules or tactics of the game.

Indagación Educación Física

It helps them improve hand-eye coordination, teach them about working with a team and show them the value of good sportsmanship.

Indagación Eduación Física

At Casvi International American School we do believe the benefits of Physical and Health Education are far-reaching and lifelong.

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