Study at an American school in Spain

At Casvi International American School we clear up the doubts that each family may have when thinking about studying at an American School for their children in Spain. What does an American school in Spain bring, how do the native teachers work in the classrooms, or what happens when my child finishes his/her studies at Casvi International American School? There is nothing better than the first-hand experience of our families to answer all the questions.

Currently, in Spain there are a total of 10 non-university educational centers accredited by the United States, and also authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. All of them admit students of all nationalities. An American school in Spain offers the American model of education, which includes the stages of Pre-School, Middle School and High School. This type of teaching model is characterized by absolute immersion in the English language. All subjects are taught in English by native teachers. What differentiates Casvi International American School from other schools in Spain is that, not only do they use a teaching model with an American curriculum, but they also do so under the umbrella of the methodology of the continuous International Baccalaureate, which goes from 3 to 18 years of age.

The methodology implemented in our school is characterized by a totally personalized teaching and learning, which pays special attention to the development of talent, creativity, and the ability to face any challenge. With 3 years of filming with an American teaching system, in Casvi International American School we have managed to make a difference. New educational model, new international studentsnative teachers, and many new sensations, which, without a doubt, is what gives us the strength to continue with our only objective: to give the best possible education to our students.

Training in another language with a curriculum from another country is an educational option that has many advantages, so says Valentin Martinez Otero, Doctor of Psychology and Pedagogy. This type of methodology is a good choice, “from a pedagogical perspective, I think it is positive not only for foreign children, but also for Spanish students whose parents want them to be trained in a different language and educational and cultural model. Among the beneficial aspects I highlight the intercultural training, which in principle has a positive impact on the cognitive, affective and social aspects: in knowledge, openness, sensitivity, respect, and coexistence,” he says.

As an American school, our vision is to be a reference point for international and global education, of quality and innovation, where our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic and personal formation, developing, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate, critical thinking, the mastery of languages, the promotion of sports, creativity and artistic spirit, personalized attention to families, and technological and educational innovation.

In Casvi International American School our main mission is to make our students grow personally and intellectually to achieve a real advantage in the university, in the working world, or in any real life situation through the detection and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment to our society.

At Casvi International American School having an American teaching system not only makes us different, but more competitive. Thanks to this system we offer flexibility, as it is a model that allows us to adapt perfectly to the educational needs of each of our students. This curricular model on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate provides our students with skills and aptitudes that form an international profile so that tomorrow they will know how to face a world that is in constant change. Through a rigorous education based on shared values and an international mindset, our students become lifelong learners who make lasting contributions to the world.

From a Spanish perspective, choosing an American school for our children is an option that will undoubtedly open up a wide range of possibilities for them in the future, offering them access to the best universities in the world. This educational system will get the best out of them. Thus, they will leave aside a traditional educational system that does not motivate them enough, and that can make them obtain academic results that do not reflect their abilities.

But, among all the existing options, why choose Casvi International American School? Our families have it clear: for the flexibility, the personalized education, the professionalism of the whole educational community, and the teaching based on an International Baccalaureate methodology that forms international students prepared to achieve success in their professional future.

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