Specific needs at Casvi Tres Cantos: the necessary education for each student

At Casvi International American School we offer the necessary education to each student, emphasizing those who have specific support needs. This work is carried out together with the families thanks to the trust they place in us and the communication with them. Moreover, all this work is done in collaboration with our Guidance Department.

Today it is essential to facilitate the inclusion of all students in the classroom. It is an educational priority and an essential principle. Diversity cannot be left aside. We are not only talking about those students with specific needs but about the whole student body. This fact is motivated by the social, cultural and economic changes that are taking place in today’s society.

How is a student with specific needs diagnosed?

In order for a student with specific needs to benefit from these measures at Casvi International American School, it is necessary that he/she meets certain diagnostic criteria in a psycho-pedagogical evaluation. Besides, this evaluation can be carried out at the center or outside of it.

“Education is all in one: family, school and children”.

Juan Luis YagüeCEO of Casvi Group
Measures for students with specific needs at Casvi International American School

The measures carried out in relation to students with specific support needs at Casvi International American School are very varied. First of all, we must take into account that they must always be based on their needs. We must treat each student in a totally personalized way.

On the one hand, we can find access measures such as: ramps, adapted furniture or FM equipment for hearing impairment. On the other hand, there are sessions with teachers specialized in Therapeutic Pedagogy, curriculum adaptations and course content planning.

In addition, we can also find students who simply require a methodological adaptation in cases of dyslexia, ADHD, specific language disorder… All these methodological adaptations are developed with those students who have a previous clinical diagnosis.

Specific attention to international students

Due to the differences between the educational systems of the different countries, in numerous occasions we find students with a curricular gap in relation to the content worked per course. Also, in these cases, we make the appropriate methodological proposals, including temporary support to help the student in the transition from one school to another.

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