Skills and competences of an International Baccalaureate teacher at Casvi International American School

Schools of Casvi Group follow International Baccalaureate methodology. This makes our teachers have determinate abilities and competencies. An International Baccalaureate teacher at Casvi International American School must have an open and international mindset and develop their own global competence daily.

“The school has an international educational project, we are committed to the International Baccalaureate. It is the educational project that best adapts to the changing circumstances of society. This must be supported by professors with an international background”.

Juan Luis YagüeCasvi Group CEO
Skills of an IB teacher

Thanks to the International Baccalaureate methodology, Casvi International American School students learn through experimentation. Those in charge of guiding this process are the teachers of the International Baccalaureate. For this reason, teachers must have innovative pedagogical skills and abilities, which must be constantly improved.

Researchers Liz Bergeron and Michael Dean published a study through the Global Research Department of the International Baccalaureate in which they point out the characteristics that a good teacher should have:
Autonomy in learning at Casvi International American School

1. Continuous learning attitude.

2. Knowledge about the teaching-learning process, its content area and the world.

3. Open-mindedness and tolerance to other cultures and global problems.

4. Ability to think and solve problems.

5. Solidarity and understanding.

6. Creativity in the teaching and learning process.

7. Be reflective in the teaching process.

In addition, teachers must be able to support students in each investigation so that they develop the 10 attributes of the IB profile.

Benefits of early schooling at Casvi International American School
The role of the IB teacher in each program
The three International Baccalaureate programs are taught at Casvi International American School by teachers who help students learn and help them acquire skills and attitudes that put them at an advantage in their personal and professional futures.
PYP: A PYP teacher must offer “interesting, relevant, challenging and meaningful” learning. At this stage, learning takes place in a transdisciplinary way and students will soak up all the knowledge in an interconnected way. For this transdisciplinary work, adequate training of the teaching team in the PYP is essential.

-MYP: In the next stage, the MYP, the teacher challenges students to “make practical connections between their studies and the real world”. It is a fact that students learn in a meaningful way when they can link their learning experiences with their day-to-day experiences, from the world around them. At this stage, students work in at least one interdisciplinary unit and teachers must be prepared for this.

-Diploma Program: To conclude the continuum of IB programs, the Diploma Program teacher “aims to broaden the educational experience of students and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills”. And he does it through three core components and six subject groups.

Training of International Baccalaureate teachers at Casvi International American School

Thanks to the workshops given by the International Baccalaureate Organization, the teachers at Casvi International American School constantly update their knowledge. The IB “hones their skills as professionals and helps to further develop their pedagogical skills”.

Our teachers frequently receive International Baccalaureate training workshops for teachers of the Diploma Program.

At Casvi International American School, as an American school with an International Baccalaureate, we always seek for our teachers to be at the forefront of an international education.

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