Our 2nd Year Bachillerato students are graduated!

In May, one of the most memorable events took place for our 2nd Year Bachillerato 2020-2021 students in the Spanish system at Casvi International American School, where our students were able to celebrate their Graduation, culminating in one of the most important moments of their lives.

Casvi International American School, once again managed to adapt to the current situation by implementing security measures allowing us to celebrate an unforgettable moment.

Thanks to new technologies, the Graduation was live-streamed and the families were able to share in this great day. Each student received their diplomas celebrating the end of an era.

The Management team, Faculty staff and the entire Casvi educational community wanted to participate in this event by dedicating some words of wisdom and congratulations to all students. In addition, some of the graduates shared memories and some advice for the upcoming years. Uniting family, faculty, and students.

The families expressed their excitement and joy through our live chat, sharing in an unforgettable celebration. It is a milestone they will never forget.


Thank you for being part of Casvi International American School!

Don’t miss the photo gallery of the Graduation Day of our 2nd Year Bachillerato students!

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