How to organize our time? Keys to achieve academic success

The type of methodology, the way of teaching and the type of subject to be dealt with at that moment always have an influence on effective learning and achieving the objectives set. However, what is clear is that a fundamental aspect to achieve success in any aspect of life is the planning of our time.

Today’s students live under the extreme speed and demands of an increasingly competitive world. Classes that leave no room for reflection or organization, which ultimately end up worsening results and slowing down a learning process that had positive prospects.

In order to achieve academic success, at Casvi International American School we believe it is essential to teach our students to stop for a moment and reflect on the organization of their time. To this end, we offer them a series of techniques and tips that they can apply in their daily routine to get the most out of their classes and thus achieve academic success.

Keys to achieve academic success

Marta Alonso, Head of the Guidance Department of the Casvi Group of Schools, tells us in this brief interview the importance of planning our time, and what techniques can help students to be more successful in their academic life. 

Q. Why is it important for students to learn to manage their time correctly? What are the benefits? 

A. Effective time management is necessary for any person, but if we are talking about children or adolescents, it is especially important, since the skills they acquire at school age will be very important for their management later in life. This use of time will allow our students to diversify their time in healthy social, recreational and sports activities, so necessary for them, in addition to the academic ones. This brings a benefit in the student’s emotional state, since it allows them to lower possible anxiety levels and makes them feel good about themselves.

Q. What techniques should they use to achieve academic success? 

A. In order to achieve academic success students must be helped to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to differentiate between what is important and what is urgent, so that they can prioritize their time. In addition, the use of planners, agendas and to-do lists are always great allies if they are used methodically and not occasionally.

3 techniques for better time planning

1.Organize your work area

A tidy desk will save you valuable time. You will not waste a good part of the day looking for documents you need and you will be able to focus on important tasks. Using an agenda or calendar and filing documents will be a great help. 

2. Avoid distractions

In this sense, it is important to identify what makes us lose time. It is therefore important to be in a quiet and calm environment. It is also essential to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important in order to effectively plan tasks and avoid distractions.

3. Enjoy your free time

Planning our leisure time and making our free time productive will undoubtedly help us to be more successful in our academic life. Setting limits to our academic day will help us to be more focused and productive in our planned tasks.

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