MYP Personal Projects Exhibition 2022 at Casvi International American School

Grade 10 students presented their personal MYP projects. During the last months, they have worked on them and put into practice all the skills they have acquired during their MYP stage of the International Baccalaureate.

This work gives them the opportunity to consolidate their learning and develop the skills they will need to continue their studies and, later on, their life outside school. It is, in short, an in-depth inquiry through which they demonstrate that they have assimilated the attributes of the IB profile.

MYP Personal Project Preparation

The basic steps and deadlines to be followed by the students in the months prior to the submission of the MYP Personal Project are as follows:

1. Personal Project coordinators are elected.

2. There are different methods for assigning supervisors to students:

-Students choose their supervisors.
-The supervisors are the ones who select the projects.
-The coordinators are the ones who assign the supervisors.

3. Then, the MYP coordinator and the Personal Project supervisors guide the students to achieve the best results. Success in the MYP Personal Project requires that everyone involved in the project works as a team so that the students can do their best work.

4. Each personal project submitted for evaluation must include:

-The academic probity form for MYP projects.

-The Personal Project report in written, oral, visual, or multimedia format.

Evidence of the product or result.

-An appendix of maximum 10 pages or screenshots illustrating knowledge and understanding, as well as skills developed during the project, and including evidence of the product or output.


5. Supervisors conduct an internal standardization to evaluate the project report and submit total scores to the IB.

6. Coordinators electronically submit personal project reports that the IB selects for moderation.

What are the objectives of MYP Personal Projects?

The objectives of MYP Personal Projects are to encourage and facilitate students to:

-Inquire autonomously and continuously within a global context.

-Develop new creative ideas and deepen their understanding through detailed research.

-Demonstrate the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to carry out a project over an extended period of time.

-Communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

-Be able to act responsibly through learning or as a result of learning.

-Value the learning process and take pride in their accomplishments.

What will students learn from MYP personal projects?

In the projects undertaken in the Middle Years Program (MYP), students undertake a multitude of activities that increase their knowledge and understanding, and develop their skills and attitudes:

-Decide what they want to learn, identify what they already know, and discover what they will need to know to complete the project.

-They create proposals or criteria for their project, plan their time and materials, and record the progress of the project.

-They make decisions, develop understanding and solve problems, communicate with supervisors, and create a product or result.

-Evaluate the product or outcome, and reflect on their project and learning.

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