My mom is a chemist!

It is usual for parents to attend classes and build on the knowledge and skills our students acquire within each unit of inquiry. And when parents visit our school, magic happens.

Casvi padres indagan

Such was the case of Daniela López Moreno’s mom from Pre-k1 came to class. As a Bachelor of Chemistry, she guided our students to inquire into how volcanoes work during Science class.

Padres indaga Casvi

She used a chemical reaction between different liquids to recreate the eruption of a volcano. The students participated actively during the process.

Casvi indaga padres

At Casvi International American School we share the commitment with of all parents to student success. We share student progress by periodically inviting parents to our classrooms.

Casvi padres indagan

Our students are encouraged to be active, caring, lifelong learners and, who could set a better example than their parents!

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