Music, an essential element in education

Music is one of the great elements in the education of young people. The daily contact with this discipline, and much more its study, has great benefits for the school development of a student. At Casvi International American School, music runs through our veins. Our best way to teach this discipline is to promote the active participation of the students in it. Thanks to this, we achieve multiple benefits in our students, ranging from motor development to intellectual development.


The teacher is always the motivator, promoter and coordinator in the personal process of each student. With this, not only do they achieve more sophisticated brain responses and a more developed language, but they also show an improvement in their processing skills.

At Casvi International American School we learn through music, from the alphabet to a biology class. Nothing resists us. With the music in constant presence, we detect that our students put into play fundamentally three aspects: the visual memory, the muscular or gestural memory and the auditory memory, which, as our music teacher Mr. Hockin explains, “allows us to fix the memories, promote creativity and even encourage teamwork”.

Mixes, rhythms, voices, sounds… all of them help to create connections and awaken feelings in students. In addition to entertaining and fun, the benefits of having a music-based education can make a difference in the training, education and skill development of students. According to a study by Northwestern University, the type of model used in a classroom has a major impact on learning and the absorption of all the benefits by the children. In addition, this study shows an improvement in the neuronal processing capabilities of them after the incorporation of music in the classroom.

Creativity is at the heart of the arts. It allows for innovation, interpretation, research, analysis and transfer. Learning through the arts has a positive influence on self-esteem and creative development, which needs to carry over to all aspects of learning. Into the International Baccalaureate Programs, the creative disciplines of visual arts, music and drama are closely connected to each other, as well as having strong links to other disciplines. The creative process is seen as a driving force in learning through inquiry.

There is no doubt that “life without music is much sadder and more boring”, as Mr. Hockin states. Introducing music into the lives of children is very important because not only do they increase self-confidence, but for them socializing is much easier, and “they even manage to work together more easily”.

As expected, at Casvi International American School we also have great musicians and artists. We see this, for example, in our choir group, whose spectacular voices delight everyone around them. Check out their latest spring tour!

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