Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe, was the town crier of Santa Águeda in Tres Cantos

Santa Águeda tradition is a festivity in which, for a day, women rule, and it is celebrated not only in Castilla y León, but also in other cities, such as Tres Cantos.

Last Sunday the plenary hall of the Tricantino town hall hosted the handover ceremony of the baton by the Mayor of the town, Mr. Jesús Moreno to the Mayor for a day, Domi Gil García, from Segovia.

Segovia Tres Cantos Grupo Casvi Aguedas

The official proclamation ran a load of Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of the Casvi Group of Schools, also with Segovian background, who referred to the consolidation of our school, Casvi International American School, in the city of Tres Cantos.

Segovia Tres Cantos Grupo Casvi Aguedas

Then a procession was carried out with the image of Santa Agueda while traditional music was playing.

The festivity was also attended by the current president of the House of Castile and León in Tres Cantos, Mrs. María Inmaculada González Maldonado and the Culture Chancellor of Tres Cantos, Mrs. Elisa Lidia Miguel, among others.

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