Elementary School

Elementary School

Elementary School with American curriculum

At Casvi International American School, we prepare our students from the age of 3 to successfully overcome the challenges of the Diploma Program in the future.

In an international environment and following the American curriculum, we work with the children on their autonomy, self-esteem, and abilities so that they are able to face the challenges ahead. 

Our goal is to educate world citizens through an inquiry-based approach to learning. We support our students to succeed in the future as part of a diverse international community that has a positive impact on society.

For us, it is very important that our students feel supported during the school year. Thanks to our group of professionals who are native English speakers and specialized in Elementary School, we offer children the attention and stimulation they need.

ElementarySchool with American curriculum at Casvi International American School

Elementary School

Our teaching methodology is based on the American curriculum: Elementary
School, Middle School, and High School.

Elementary School is from Grade 1 to Grade 5 (ages 6 to 10). Here, children continue to study the International Baccalaureate Primary School Program (PYP).

This educational system provides students with a framework for inquiry-based learning that focuses on the development of the child in the classroom and in the outside world.

In Grade 5, the last grade of the Elementary School, students are required to make a personal presentation. In order to prepare this work, they must research and document a topic that is important or of interest to them, and how it can be useful to society.

After that, children attend Middle School (from Grade 6 to Grade 8).

Our methodology: Elementary School at Casvi

As the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) diagram shows, we stimulate science, mathematics, language, arts, oral expression and sports.

We present different units of inquiry: who we are, how we express ourselves, how the world works, where we are in place and time… Through each unit on inquiry, we guide the children’s curiosity towards different educational topics.  

IB Methodology: Elementary School at Casvi International American School

Basis of our international education inElementary School

At Casvi International American School we offer a complete linguistic and cultural immersion, following the American curriculum. 


Corporal, musical and artistic expression, along with sports, are integrated in a transdisciplinary way in Casvi’s educational model, starting in Kindergarten, through Elementary School, Middle School and High School.


English is the language of instruction at all stages. All subjects are taught by native English-speaking teachers, mostly American. This allows a complete linguistic immersion from the very beginning.

As an international school, Spanish is taught only in the subjects of Spanish Language and Culture.

In addition to these two languages, we promote the learning of other languages such as Chinese and German

Languages in Elementary School at Casvi International American School

Steam in Makerspace

We apply Steam, an integrative and transversal approach that fosters students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Our students develop this approach in Makerspace, a classroom where they share resources and knowledge to create different projects. It applies an active and practical methodology, developing more than ever the concept of Learning by doing

We believe that technology plays an integral role in helping students to learn, which involves studying technology as a discipline. In some cases, this involves learning how technology works in robotics or design classes.

We try to make sure that our use of technology is found in all areas of learning.


In our school, art is expressed through a wide range of opportunities. From the Pre-School stage, Casvi students have classes in visual arts, music and corporal expression.

In Elementary School, students participate in music classes, where they sing or learn to play instruments such as the ukulele or piano, as well as Technical Drawing, Design and Debate.

Public speaking and debate are essential components of all academic programs and at all stages.

We also offer the subject of Dance, taught by a specialized teacher. From Grade 1, students have two hours a week of dance where they learn body expression through choreography.


In addition to physical education classes, we offer extensive athletic opportunities for
all of our students. 

In accordance with the International Baccalaureate methodology, the theoretical and practical learning of different sports disciplines is fundamental. Teachers work with our students to promote healthy competitiveness, sportiness and teamwork.

We identify and support their individual skills and abilities, whether the student is a future top athlete or, on the contrary, has never played a team sport before.


Thanks to our spacious sports facilities, among the sports practiced by our students are basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and paddle tennis. We have a soccer field, an enclosed sports center, two tennis courts and two paddle courts.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need.

Visit us and get to know our facilities in person. We will be happy to meet your family.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need.

Visit us and get to know our facilities in person. We will be happy to meet your family.


Elementary School at Cavsi International American School