Learning Support Programs

Learning Support Programs

Learning Support Programs

Casvi International American School implements a variety of learning support programs to achieve student success.

These programs include:

1) Individualized attention to their students, according to their specific educational needs, all of which is reflected in reinforcement and additional programs.

2) Guidance program. Home-school communication is fundamental, especially with students who need more follow-up. In this way, parents are involved in making decisions regarding their children and proposals are made in both directions. Several guidances are performed during the course with each student. At least one per trimester, and the counselors adapt to the best schedule for the parents.

3) Reading comprehension program aimed at elementary students who have problems in this area.

4) Support programs for children with special needs, focusing mainly on exceptionally gifted students.

5) Programs for intelligence development to aid enrichment programs.

Interview with our CEO

In class diary, Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of the Casvi Group of Schools wanted to talk to us, on this occasion, about the aftermath of confinement in educational and family environments; the digital transformation that it has caused; and the great opportunities that have appeared.