Learning German at Casvi Tres Cantos

At Casvi International American School, German is one of the four languages studied in the school. Multilingualism is an essential pillar in the school and in the International Baccalaureate (IB). Students are immersed in English, as it is the language of instruction, and complete their education in Spanish, Chinese and German.

The learning of languages and the ability to communicate in several languages is fundamental in the IB methodology followed in Grupo Casvi’s schools. One of the objectives of this methodology is to create a better world in which intercultural understanding and an international mentality take place. That new world is already a reality, and for that reason, students have to learn to communicate in different languages at a high level.

Learning another language is simply and profoundly one of the best ways to learn to recognize the world and to see how others and otherness inhabit it. It is an education about difference that serves as a pathway to understanding how to contribute to […] global citizenship.

Learning German at Casvi International American School

At Casvi International American School our students begin to study German in Grade 5, being compulsory until Grade 8. At that time, they will choose to continue studying this language or Chinese. Moreover, the subject is taught in small groups and is taught by Sara Iglesias, a bilingual teacher.

Depending on the level of the students, they have the possibility of taking the official exams of the Goethe Institute which are held in the school.

Benefits of learning German

-More options in the job market. Britain’s exit from the European Union has made the country no longer a place to look for a job. Now Germany has positioned itself as the engine of Europe and has a very high employability rate.

-German is spoken in many countries. It is the first language for 100 million people in Europe and the second language for another 80 million.

-Increased access to information. Eight percent of all Internet sites worldwide are in German. Germany is also a leading country in technology.

-An enriching language. In-depth knowledge of this language facilitates cultural enrichment through the study of authors such as Goethe, Günter Grass… It is also the language of great scientists such as Werner Heisenberg, Hermann Weyl, Max Born or Albert Einstein.

Multilingualism is expressed through actions, perceptions, attitudes and skills. It is not only linguistic capacity.


The learning of other languages in the International Baccalaureate

As stated in the document “Language and Learning in the IB Programs,” language is seen as central to the development of critical thinking. Besides, it is essential for the cultivation of intercultural awareness, international-mindedness and global citizenship.

That is why, at Casvi International American School and the International Baccalaureate we take a pedagogical approach to language learning with the goals of making students:

-Be open and inclusive

-Affirm their identity and autonomy

-Stimulate critical thinking

Language surrounds, crosses, surrounds and takes place between everything that teachers and students do in the classroom.

Ron Ritchhart

Current influences such as the quest for democratization, rapid globalization and progress towards inclusion as a way of asserting cultural identity have led to a new shift in thinking about languages. Multilingualism is much more than knowing how to communicate in several languages.

In conclusion, the IB programs’ emphasis on intercultural awareness prepares students for a world in which diversity has become part of everyday life. We live in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world in which it is common to interact with people of other cultures, beliefs and languages.

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