Inquiry, talent, critical thinking… the educational student skills of the 21st century are very varied, especially considering the increasing challenges posed by society. Over the last few years, the education sector and teaching, in general, has changed considerably. We have gone from teaching focused on academic performance, to teaching based on transdisciplinary methodologies that aim at inquiry, teamwork, or curiosity as essential elements in the formation of citizens of the world.

Living in a globalized world, needs and demands have changed. Now, technology, scientific advances, and even the way we communicate are the pillars that guide our society. Therefore, adapting and training the new generations into the proper use of each of them is essential.

For all these reasons, many families are looking for an innovative educational project aimed at developing skills linked to critical thinking, problem-solving and curiosity discovery.

An education based on the IB methodology helps young people to develop an international mindset, able to develop critical thinking that forms them as real citizens of the world.

As a reference center for international and global education, and with a methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, of quality, innovative and highly personalized, the students of Casvi International American School reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic, artistic and personal formation. By having an American curriculum with native teachers, students not only live a complete linguistic immersion, but also a cultural immersion, which will give them a real advantage in their professional future.

Among the most important learning skills that exist today to face the great challenges of the 21st century are the so-called 4C’s: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. At Casvi International American School our methodology is based on these fundamental pillars, but, in addition, we go further with a learning methodology based on IB.

Ms. Zafarpour, MYP Design Teacher

Enhancing the skills and talents of our students from an early age is an essential aspect that our teaching professionals work on every day. At Casvi International American School, we analyze all the existing social transformations to develop educational changes adapted to the needs of each student and family, so that each one of them responds to the needs of a world that is constantly changing.

But education goes beyond providing knowledge or skills. Providing quality education means helping new generations develop intellectual, moral, and affective faculties in accordance with the culture and society around them. Through interdisciplinary projects, Casvi International American School implements an educational program that helps students to be able to think for themselves, imagine, create and understand the processes carried out. Indeed, they can be the main character of their own learning from a very young age.

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