Keys to multilingualism at Casvi International American School

Multilingualism is one of the pillars of the Casvi International American School’s educational project. In our school, the language of instruction is English, but Chinese and German are also taught.

Linguistic Immersion at Casvi International American School

At our school, all students enjoy total linguistic immersion in English from Nursery onwards. English is the official language of instruction in all stages. In this way, our students acquire language skills in a natural way from an early age.

Keys to multilingualism at Casvi International American School
Keys to multilingualism at Casvi International American School

There are two fundamental keys to multilingualism at Casvi International American School:

– We foster an international mentality: something fundamental in a global and interconnected society such as today’s. Nowadays, children grow up in a constantly changing world where interacting with people from different parts of the world is the norm. For this reason, it is necessary for our students to develop this international mentality.

– We apply the International Baccalaureate methodology: we offer its three programs: PYP, MYP and DP. Being able to communicate in more than one language is essential to the International Baccalaureate (IB) idea of enabling an international education that promotes intercultural perspectives. Language is considered fundamental to the development of critical thinking, intercultural awareness, international mindedness and global competence.

“A different language is a different outlook on life”.

Federico Fellini
Multilingualism and multiculturalism

Multilingualism in an international school like Casvi International American School is also marked by two very important groups in our Educational Community.

– Teachers: we have native English-speaking teachers, mostly North American, who also have an international mentality. The teachers become your learning guides. They are approachable, creative and involved in the needs of the students.

– International students: the presence of students coming from different countries favors more enriching multilingualism. These students seek to live a linguistic and cultural experience that helps them to develop in a comprehensive manner.

Benefits of multilingualism at Casvi International American School

Communicating in more than one language has very positive effects, some of them are:

1.-It fosters open-mindedness, since it makes us coexist with realities and opportunities that will enrich us.

2.- It facilitates the establishment of more diverse relationships.

3 .- Promotes a level of selective attention and memory capacity greater than the rest.

4.-It develops greater mental flexibility and a superiority in the formation of concepts.

5.-People who speak several languages are more creative.

6 .- Stimulates the brain and cognitive functions.

7.- It improves problem-solving because it favors the ability to face them with audacity.

8.- It favors inclusion in the classroom.

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