In Casvi, what does sport mean?

Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa de Odón, Casvi Boadilla and Casvi International American School have celebrated together the second Casvi Sports Day with the participation of 110 students from 1st to 4th of the E.S.O.

Jornaqdas Deportivas Casvi Tres Cantos

It was a day organized on the campus of our school in Tres Cantos and in which students were able to play different sports, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, paddle and football.

Jornadas Deportivas Casvi Tres Cantos

In Casvi, we live Sport in a different way. Values such as companionship, effort, fun and above all, the aim of promoting a healthy way of life among all our students.

Jornadas deportivas Casvi Tres Cantos

Regarding the results of the competitions, Casvi International American School won in the disciplines of tennis and paddle;

Jornadas Deportivas Casvi Tres Cantos


Casvi Boadilla won in basketball and in the paddle with the older students and, finally, Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa in volleyball and football and also got the mention of Champion School.

Jornadas Deportivas Casvi Tres Cantos

¡Go Casvi Go!


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