The importance of Family – School collaboration in Casvi Tres Cantos

Family – School collaboration is a reality at Casvi International American School. We intend that family and school are two complementary learning contexts for our students, which have an important influence on their educational and personal development.

All of this becomes even more evident if we want to facilitate the inclusion of students who come from other countries, who have recently joined the school or who have special educational needs. Let’s see then how this Family-School collaboration is established in Casvi International American School.

Family – School Collaboration in Casvi

-By involving parents in their children’s learning. Establishing a daily and fluid communication with parents helps them to know what their children are learning in the inquiry units. In addition, they are sometimes invited to be the protagonists of some of the expositions. All of this helps to expand and better understand what they have been working on in the inquiry units. Also, this year they have participated in decorating the classrooms and hallways for Halloween or to celebrate the arrival of autumn.

-Fluid communication. The integral development and global competence of the students is one of our main objectives. For this reason, from the management, the teaching staff and the guidance department, continuous and close communication is generated with each and every one of them. In addition, a relationship of trust is generated, which is essential for the good understanding of all parties.

In Casvi Tres Cantos we are aware that the family must feel welcomed, listened to and valued. Our mission is to be the place where families find support for themselves and their children. A place to turn to in case of need and where to obtain orientation, tranquility, confidence, security, advice and follow-up.

-Activities are open to all families. Conferences, courses or workshops given by specialists and aimed at providing parents with the necessary educational tools to play their role as educators at home.

International Baccalaureate in the Family – School partnership

International Baccalaureate provides the best tools to achieve better results. It offers aspects such as transdisciplinarity, internationality and interculturality or the inquiry of students as the engine of learning. Thus, students acquire skills and resources that help them on their way to becoming citizens of a globalized world and able to access a job in any country. At Casvi International American School we train people for the 21st century.

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