How to promote talent with the International Baccalaureate at Casvi International American School?

To promote talent with the International Baccalaureate at Casvi International American School is something we do day after day in our classrooms. Developing students’ creativity is, for us, the most effective strategy to encourage creative thinking and help in solving problems in the future. In this way, it generates and enhances skills and abilities that can be applied to other disciplines, or even to their professional future.

We need more talent than ever to meet the challenges of the planet and the huge economic and social transformation that the world needs. And, undoubtedly, education must play a key role in that collective task of detecting and enhancing the talent we are all born with.


Pilar AlegríaMinister of Education and Vocational Training

This is how Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, referred, last November, to the need to promote children’s abilities and aptitudes.

At Casvi International American School we promote talent thanks to a methodology, the International Baccalaureate, which makes it easier for children to go beyond the basic contents. In this way, they obtain knowledge in first person, being guides of their own learning.

The best results are achieved by allowing students to connect the curriculum with their innate talent, teaching them to think for themselves and to lead their learning process


Maripé MenéndezHead of Development and Recognition for Andorra, Spain and Portugal for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

To develop talent, what is vital is not what the student excels in, but that once we find it, we provide them with the tools to improve it. This process is facilitated by the International Baccalaureate with its different units of inquiry.

Thus, through the development of their talent, students will be able to face any challenge and will be prepared for the future.

There is a correlation between the talent of a nation and the quality of its education, based on data from studies conducted in this regard. This allows us to affirm that education is the generator of talent. Therefore, education is the great generator of a nation’s wealth.


Jose Antonio Marina. Source: El Confidencial

Sports and Arts to promote talent with the International Baccalaureate

At Casvi International American School we not only promote the talent of the children in the classrooms through the different units of inquiry. We also do it with sports, art and music. And we do it both in and out of school hours.


Our students have a wealth of opportunities to express themselves. Starting in the infant stage, they have visual arts and music classes. We know that children love to create. In Lower School they learn about the basic elements and concepts used in visual media: color and line, shape and texture, harmony and contrast, etc. In Middle School and High School, students participate in group music classes (choir or band with instruments), as well as Art, Technical Drawing and Debate.

It is worth mentioning the Artistic and Sports Festival at the end of the school year, where students and teachers participate in a different, spectacular and original staging, creating choreographies, musical accompaniments, sets and costumes.


At Casvi International American School we offer ample sports opportunities for everyone, in addition to the daily Physical Education classes.

Facilities include a gymnasium, open play areas, an outdoor swimming pool and courts for basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, table tennis and paddle tennis.

In accordance with the foundations of the International Baccalaureate, the theoretical and practical learning of different sports disciplines is fundamental. Therefore, our teachers work with our students from an early age and focus on building early skills to encourage healthy competitiveness, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Casvi Football Academy

Our high performance soccer academy Casvi Football Academy deserves a special mention. It is aimed at boys and girls between 12-16 years old, who want to live a unique experience in one of the best environments for the practice of this sport.  For this we have our own methodology developed based on the sporting experience of the Academy’s director, Nano Rivas, and the coaches that make up the technical staff, who have played in Spanish First Division teams and have been part of the coaching staff of professional soccer teams.

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