How things work at School

The students of Pre-K2 and Kindergarten have visited the school to find out the ins and outs of its operation.

They have visited the teaching and non-teaching staff to inquire about their daily tasks and why their role is important so that everything works properly within the school. They have even gotten into the kitchen!

Cómo funciona el Colegio Kindergarten

They have begun with our Principal School, Virginia Caballero Acosta, who has attended them in her office and has answered all of their questions about her duties in what has been a very distended and learning visit for them.

Casvi Como funciona el colegio

After that, they visited the Head of Secondary and Baccalaureate Studies, Jorge Gutiérrez Torrecilla office, who explained how to manage the program for the registration of students and why the evaluation is important.

Casvi como funciona el colegio

After visiting different departments, the small explorers have ended up visiting our admissions partner Raquel Flores, where they have learned how to serve the families that choose our school for the education of their children in a very fun way.

Casvi como funciona el colegio

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