How is an American school in Spain?

Spain is one of the countries with the highest percentage of students studying in private schools, specifically, according to data from the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, the 32.7%. This makes it clear that more and more families are deciding to choose a more exclusive and professional educational system for their children. If, in addition to be a private school, you add an international profile, and an American education system that aims to train citizens of the world, success is assured. The mission of Casvi International American School is to help students grow personally and intellectually in order to achieve a real advantage in the future.



Casvi International American School offers a rigorous education based on shared values: respect, love of learning, integrity, courage and commitment to pluralism. Students become lifelong learners who make lasting contributions to the world. But, how is an American school in Spain? Our campus brings together students served by native English-speaking teachers who form a diverse and inclusive community. Throughout our 25,000m2 of total area, we offer a combination of facilities that allow our students to enjoy and have a quality and innovative education.

Our school has the necessary facilities for each stage of our students’ education. Casvi International American School is made up of buildings with classrooms, labs and art and music rooms, all equipped with the latest technology. In addition, we have extensive sports facilities including tennis courts, paddle tennis, soccer field, dance hall and library. With a large garden area, our students can even feel closer to nature than ever before.

Having an American school in Spain is synonymous with flexibility. It is a model that allows us to adapt perfectly to the educational needs of each of our students, and to access any university in the world. This curriculum model on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate provides all of our students with skills and aptitudes that form an international profile so that tomorrow they will know how to face a world that is in constant change.

With an American teaching system, the fundamental pillar in our centers is the implementation of the three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, in all the teaching stages: PYP (Primary School Program), MYP (Middle Years Program) and PD (Diploma Program). This teaching model is a methodological framework of learning by skills and constructivism, which aims to train students who, at the end of their school life, are inquirers, open-minded, knowledgeables, caring, thinkers, risk-takers, communicators, balanced, principles and reflectives.

In addition, internationality, language teaching, and the promotion of our students’ talent, backed by great academic results, support our educational project. Having an American teaching structure, makes the language of instruction at Casvi International American School English, always with native English-speaking teachers of different nationalities, which enhances the communication skills of our students.

Advantages of an American school in Spain

In addition to having an excellent and comprehensive academic curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate and implemented through the American curriculum, at Casvi International American School we also have an extensive program in sports and arts, as well as several resources to fight school failure, with excellent results thanks to:

  • The individualized attention to our students, according to their specific educational needs, reflected in reinforcement or extension programs.
  • A directed study: a service offered by our center in the afternoons to those students who need even more support outside the classroom.
  • Tutorial action: home-school communication is essential, especially with students who need more follow-up. In this way, our families are involved in making decisions regarding their children and two-way proposals are made.
  • Comprehensive Reading Program: aimed at those students who have comprehension problems.
  • Attention and Support Program: focused on those students with special needs, with special emphasis on giftedness.
  • Intelligence Development Programs.

At Casvi International American School we are continuously adapting to the new needs that society demands, and we train our students for their personal and professional future. For this reason, our commitment to innovation is constant. Therefore, once again we have been able to adapt to this new normality by facing a challenge that arrived for the first time on March 11, 2020. Thanks to excellent management, communication and collaborative work, we were able to face this pandemic with online lessons and maintaining an excellent methodological project. All this to continue developing our main goal: to give the best possible education to our students.

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