How do we work with ADHD at Casvi Schools?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and, in many cases, continues into adulthood. ADHD is a combination of persistent problems such as difficulty maintaining attention, hyperactivity or impulsive behavior.

All these factors mean that, in the case of children, they leave tasks undone or it is very difficult for them to complete them. Another characteristic of this disorder is restlessness and excessive energy.

Diagnosis of ADHD

There are different assessments to establish a diagnosis of ADHD:

  • – Psychological, to establish the child’s abilities and difficulties.
    – Psychopedagogical, to assess school needs.
    – Medical, to rule out or confirm conditions that could explain the symptoms presented.

The Guidance team of Grupo Educativo Casvi recommends the combination of the three evaluations to obtain the most complete profile possible. In many cases, the psycho-pedagogical evaluation can be carried out in the center itself.

How do we work with ADHD at Casvi International American School?
Treatment for children with ADHD

Multidisciplinary or multimodal treatment is the most effective way to work with students with ADHD. This treatment combines pharmacological, psycho-pedagogical and psychological treatment.

-Pharmacological: it remits the basic symptoms. It is essential that the medication is controlled by a medical expert.

-Psychopedagogical: it works in the teaching-learning process, mitigating the negative effects that may occur. Also, offering the student the necessary tools so that he/she can face these situations while he/she is in the center. The intervention should include different aspects such as:

Study habits and techniques.
Strategies to prepare for exams.
Identification and enhancement of positive skills.

-Psychological: the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy are, so far, the most effective. This treatment involves the following interventions:

Behavioral therapy with the student.
Social skills training.
Cognitive therapy.
Training for parents.
Coordination with the professionals of the educational center.

“ADHD is not about knowing what to do, it’s about doing what you know.”

Dr. Russell Barkley
Needs of children with ADHD at school

The measures taken in the Casvi Schools with ADHD students make it easier for them to take exams or other evaluations, but without lowering the curricular standards corresponding to the course they are in. Some of the measures are:

– Extra time when taking exams.
– Adapting the exercise to avoid distractions and improve comprehension.
– Methodological adaptations in evaluation.
– Taking care of the location in the classroom.
– Allowing controlled movement in moments of fatigue.
– Strategies to help recover attention.
– Valuing the quality of work, not the quantity.

How do we work with ADHD at Casvi International American School?

Some of the characteristics shared by students with ADHD are:

– Variable and inconsistent academic performance.
– They are disorganized, distractible, and have difficulty “getting on track.”
– They have difficulty planning tasks and completing them.
– They tire quickly on longer assignments.
– They present work with little care.
– They avoid tasks that require sustained mental effort and/or a high degree of organization.
– Lack sufficient reflexivity and maturity to analyze situations.
– Respond without thinking, ignore warnings and have little awareness of danger.
– Poor control over the expression of their feelings.

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