How do I get into an American university?

More and more students are considering crossing the pond to study a career in the United States to increase their professional possibilities. However, in order to get into an American university you must meet a series of minimum requirements. At Casvi International American School, through native teachers and thanks to the diverse and inclusive educational community that we are, we prepare our students to be successful people tomorrow.

At Casvi International American School we have a teaching model based on the American curriculum, which is based on the International Baccalaureate. It is a model that allows us to adapt to the educational needs of each of our students, and to access any university in the world. This curricular model based on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate provides our students with skills and aptitudes that form an international profile so that tomorrow they will know how to face a world that is in constant change.

Studying abroad has many benefits for students who are adventurous since it not only gives them an international profile. Studying abroad has multiple advantages:

  • Learning and perfecting another language.
  • Live a unique experience.
  • It makes a big difference in your professional resume.
  • Personal growth. Learn more about yourself and become more independent and self-sufficient.
  • Establish lasting relationships.
  • Expand your network of international contacts.
  • Get to know another culture and way of life.
  • Discover new worlds and different cuisines.
Requirements to get into an American university

The advantages of studying abroad are many. However, starting your professional future in the United States requires a lot of effort and the fulfillment of a series of requirements:

  1. To have an educational certificate: to study in an American university you must not only have the minimum required studies. In the case of the most competitive universities, students are evaluated according to their grades. But, not only the grades matter. The American educational system is very focused on providing a comprehensive education, so special attention is given to the diversity of subjects taken.
  2. Have a good level of English: normally both universities and colleges require a test of knowledge of English. In most cases almost all institutions ask for the TOEFL.
  3. Tough admission tests: these tests usually consist of multiple-choice aptitude tests and are designed to evaluate certain skills according to the degree studies requested. The goal is to evaluate all applicants (both from the United States and other countries) in the same way.  While good test scores do not guarantee admission, they are part of the set of qualities that are considered when studying in the United States.

The methodology implemented at Casvi International American School prepares all our students to achieve these objectives. Our methodology is characterized by totally personalized teaching and learning, which pays special attention to the development of talent, creativity, and the ability to face any challenge. With 3 years of filming with an American system of teaching, at Casvi International American School we have managed to make a difference. New educational model, new international students, native teachers, and many new sensations, which, without a doubt, is what gives us the strength to continue with our only objective: to give our students the best possible education.

In addition, internationality, language teaching, and the promotion of our students’ talent, backed by great academic results, support our educational project. Having an American teaching structure, makes the language of instruction at Casvi International American School English, always with native teachers of different nationalities, which enhances the communication skills of our students.

Thanks to the advantages offered by our American educational system, our students will finish their schooling prepared for the future, where it will be easier for them to access any university in the world.

Don’t hesitate, and dive into the American experience!

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